Tracy Morgan Talks Brooklyn Gentrification, Halloween Costume With Jimmy Kimmel


Gentrified Brooklyn perplexes Tracy Morgan, who described his reax on Jimmy Kimmel Live during its week of broadcasts from the borough.

“It’s weird to see white people walking down Myrtle Avenue, unafraid,” Morgan said. “I’m a black man from Brooklyn and I’m afraid. I come out of a coma and everything has changed!”

Morgan, who’s upcoming TBS show The Last O.G. is set in Brooklyn, told Kimmel he was well known locally as a kid, being the one who had pooped in protest at the public swimming pool.

When Kimmel asked, Morgan revealed who he most wants to work with: Eddie Murphy.

And, asked about his Halloween plans, costume-wise, Morgan said, “I live in an affluent neighborhood since the Walmart settlement; I live in Alpine, New Jersey. That’s all hedge funds. So I can go as me and frighten everyone.”

Morgan was severely injured and in a coma after a 2014 highway crash that killed comic James “Jimmy Mack” McNair; the National Transportation Safety Board placed blame on a sleep-deprived Wal-Mart truck driver.

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