‘Chasing Titles Vol. 1’: Brian Austin Green Plays A Father On The Brink In Drug-Crime Drama – Awardsline Screening Series


Beverly Hills 90210 and Desperate Housewives actor Brian Austin Green tackles his most gritty film role yet as a suburban father-drug dealer on the edge in filmmaker Ryan Egypt’s short Chasing Titles Vol. 1. 

The crime drama short, which is being submitted for the Oscar’s live action shorts category, is a prequel to a larger feature that Egypt is building. Shot in Palm Beach, Florida, Green play Joe, an express mail delivery truck driver who uses his daytime job to drop off drugs in his side gig for gangsters T. Parker (Clifton Powell) and his nephew Marcus (Haas Manning). Joe’s son Caleb (Landon Gimenez) is all too wise to his father’s bad ways and yearns for a better life, which Joe promises.

But then life goes sideways.

Joe is fired from his daytime job and loses one of the drug packages. He descends into an oblivion of cocaine, pain killers and alcohol and his wife JoAnn (Erica Eynon) is along for the bender. Joe then gets the idea to rob T. Parker and Marcus, and life then truly tilts.

Chasing Titles Vol. 1 has collected 33 wins at various film festivals including best drama, screenplay and director at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards. The short also features a turn from actor Barry Shabaka Henley, who has been seen in such great Michael Mann pics as Collateral, Ali, Miami Vice and the TV series Robbery Homicide Division. 

Here at our Awardsline screening, Egypt, Green, Eynon, Gimenez and Manning discuss the making of Chasing Titles Vol. 1. with Deadline’s Senior Editor Dominic Patten.

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