Political ‘Groundhog Day’: Court Blocks Travel Ban 3.0, White House Outraged, DOJ Will Appeal

Donald Trump

“Is this going to keep going,” CNN’s Jake Tapper asked wearily after a federal judge ruled to block President Donald Trump’s latest stab at a travel ban  – Travel Ban 3.0, TV news outlets have taken to calling it, to distinguish from Trump’s first and second stabs at a travel ban.

Following script closely, the White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders quickly issued its latest statement, saying “Today’s dangerously flawed district court order undercuts the President’s efforts to keep the American people safe and enforce minimum security standards for entry into the United States.” And the Justice Department announced it would appeal, beginning the Travel Ban Slow March to the Supreme Court.

“This is going to be political Groundhog Day,” Republican political wonk Kevin Madden ruled, in answer to Tapper’s question. But, he noted, this time, even legal analysts not in perfect harmony with Trump’s mindset have said they think POTUS is on pretty firm ground with 3.0 and that this one might break the endless loop. Until it works its way through the system, however, “everybody is going to play their existing roles, criticizing or defending” the ban.

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