‘Hit The Road’ Review: Jason Alexander Comedy Goes Nowhere Fast

Hit The Road

Heading out on the Peak TV highway tonight, Audience’s comedy Hit the Road starring and co-created by Jason Alexander really goes nowhere fast. Premiering with the more promising 12-step-based Loudermilk on the AT&T-owned network, the self-described “not a family show” comedy about a family band of wannabe stars has a postcoital dead rock star, a stinky bus, sketchy stereotypes, parenting issues and supposedly talented siblings but not really much drama or laughs, as I say in my video review above.

Co-created by Peter Tilden and Dean Craig and co-starring Amy Pietz, Natalie Sharp, Nick Marini, Tim Johnson Jr. and Maddie Dixon-Poirier, the 10-episode Hit The Road tries to play to Tony winner Alexander’s strengths as patriarch Ken Shallow but ends up being low-rent George Costanza without being anything but annoying.

With easy and inevitable Partridge Family comparisons, the straight-to-series show from what I’ve seen doesn’t even try to stride into new territory even with the relative freedom of being further up the dial, except to fill space with profanity and handjobs as plot lines. It is a real waste of the talent on offer from Caroline in the City vet Pietz as Ken’s keyboard-playing wife Meg and Supernatural alum Sharp as eldest daughter Ria, who are almost buried in the cheap and clumsy scripts.

So, click on my review above for more of my take on Hit The Road. To paraphrase the classic Percy Mayfield-penned tune, you deserved to be treated better than that.

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