Larry Flynt Offers $10 Million For Information Leading To Impeachment Of Donald Trump

REX/Shutterstock, Washington Post

Hustler publisher Larry Flynt is looking to impeach Donald Trump with a newspaper ad. The founder of the iconic adult entertainment empire, who has taken out similar ads that led to success, took out a full-page ad offering $10 million for information that would lead to the impeachment of Donald Trump.

The ad, which was can be seen in Sunday’s Washington Post, was also posted on Flynt’s Twitter account and claims that the election was “illegitimate” and that the former Celebrity Apprentice host is “dangerously unfit” for the role of POTUS. The ad is detailed and lengthy, laying out six reasons (although some may argue there can be more) why Trump should be impeached including colluding with the Russians, “racial dog-whistling” after the Charlottesville riots, instigating nuclear war with North Korea, pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and firing former FBI director James Comey.

Flynt, who endorsed Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election, has taken out similar ads in the past. He offered a million-dollar reward for information on Mitt Romney’s tax returns as well as evidence that members of Congress and government officials had illicit sexual encounters. One of the Flynt’s ads apparently led to the resignation of Republican Congressman Bob Livingston in 1998 after he admitted to having an extramarital affair.


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