‘Jane the Virgin’ Season 4 Premiere: EP Jennie Snyder Urman On Twists, Romance & New Murder Mystery

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SPOILER ALERT: The story includes details about the Season 4 premiere of the CW’s Jane the Virgin.

The Season 4 debut of the CW’s Jane the Virgin picked up where it left off, continuing the meet cute scene between new (old) couple Jane and Adam and resolving the Petra, Anezka & a gun cliffhanger from the finale, with Petra alive and well and Anezka presumed dead. Rafael and Petra make a plan to trick Anezka’s ally Luisa, who is on a warpath to strip non-biological brother Rafael from his inheritance and sell the Marbella so she can use the money to get crime lord lover Rose out of prison. The plan backfires in one of two cliffhanger endings of the premiere when Anezka reappears. She and Luisa confront Petra, who had been pretending to be her evil twin sister. And then, out of nowhere, Rose kills a guy in prison.

In an interview with Deadline, Jane the Virgin showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman talks about Rose’s mystery victim and Petra’s fate, potential (last?) Petra-Anezka switch, Jane and Adam’s budding romance and how it compars to Jane’s epic love story with Michael. Also addressed are Rafael’s new status as a person with no money and no home who, like all of us, will have to get a job, Rogelio and Xo’s non-traditional “babymoon” and whether the second Jane narrator is here to stay.

DEADLINE: Is Petra in danger?

URMAN: Well, with Anezka around there is always some danger! And Petra’s life does get much more difficult. But she isn’t in physical danger right now.

DEADLINE You said after the finale where Anezka tried to kill her sister that she won’t take Petra’s place again. (with bangs because of the forehead mark). Is that still the case? What will happen to Petra

URMAN: There might be one more swap… but that’s really and truly it! For now! I will say, things come to a head with Petra and her sister very soon.

DEADLINE: With Rafael losing the Marbella, will be move into the Villanueva house permanently? Does Luisa have something even more sinister in mind for him beyond taking away his wealth?

URMAN: Rafael is at the Villanueva’s house for the foreseeable future. Luisa takes all his money and freezes his assets; right now, she hates him. She blames him for Rose’s imprisonment and beyond that, she can’t believe he lied about having cancer to manipulate her. So things get really bad between the two of them…

DEADLINE: We already saw one budget cut (karate class for Mateo) Jane had to make because of Rafael’s new status. How bad will they money problems become? Will he get a job?

URMAN: Money problems continue to complicate Jane/Mateo/Raf’s life and that is one of the major changes this season. Jane has become used to the privilege that Rafael’s money provided; she got used to the cushion — especially with regards to child-rearing. And she is surprised by how used to it she’s become. Mateo was going to private school; now he’ll be in public. He has various behavioral issues that Jane and Rafael tackled with money (and an aide) and now, without that, Mateo certainly struggles. Rafael does ultimately get a job (and a surprising one at that), but not before making every effort to get his fortune back from his sister.

DEADLINE: Who is the guy Rose killed in prison and will his murder impact Rafael or the Villanuevas?

URMAN: I can’t say who he is. But yes, his murder impacts all of our characters; it sets off a chain of events that will be revealed slowly, throughout the season.

DEADLINE: Will Luisa be able to get Rose out of prison?

URMAN: She’s definitely going to try. Whether or not she’s successful — I can’t say.

DEADLINE: Will Jane’s romance with Adam be as epic as her love story with Michael and will Rafael again get in the way? Is this the new “happily ever after” for Jane in Season 4 that you hinted about last May?

URMAN: It’s a pretty romantic love story I think! But you can’t rule out Jane and Rafael and their connection. You’ll have to watch and see… I will say there are some pretty romantic moments this season.

DEADLINE: How will new fatherhood impact Rogelio’s new marriage with Xo?

URMAN: Rogelio having a baby with Darci impacts everything about his relationship with Xo. They had planned to be newlyweds; now there is a new baby who takes up all of their energy and time. Xo has to really fight for her independence, for the dreams she still wants to achieve, and she struggles not to get sucked into the new baby vortex. And Rogelio is fighting for his place in his daughter’s life, and his desire to be a part of every little thing. So yes, their marriage is instantly stressed.

DEADLINE: Will the show have two narrators going forward or this was a one-time thing?

URMAN: This was a one time thing. The theme of the premiere was that “everyone’s a hero in their own story”. We’ve been watching Jane’s story — it’s her POV, it’s her narrative. But what happens when your life collides with someone else’s? How do those narratives converge? Adam is smack dab in the middle of his story when Jane is suddenly in his life again. And we wanted to make that clear, and also introduce him with weight and significance. But as our Narrator tells Adam’s narrator at the end of the episode “He’s part of our story now”… which means that we have absorbed Adam into Jane’s world… And we will be back to one Narrator.

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