‘Midnight Rider’ Case: CSX Wants New Trial; Sarah Jones Family Fights Against It

CSX Midnight Rider

CSX is asking for a new trial after losing a civil case this past summer to the parents of Sarah Jones who was killed on a GA train trestle in 2014 while filming the Greg Allman biopic Midnight Rider, and the deceased camera assistant’s family filed a brief earlier this week to try to stop it.

“We are extremely confident that justice prevailed in the Sarah Jones case when the jury announced its decision in July 2017,” said Elizabeth and Richard Jones’ attorney Jeffrey R. Harris. “There is no reasonable legal justification for CSX Transportation to request a new trial and no reason to put the Jones family through any additional hardship regarding the tragic loss of their daughter.” The lawyer is a partner at Harris Lowry Manton LLP.

The jurors in the civil suit found in favor of the Joneses and said that their daughter had zero liability, despite CSX trying to blame the victims in their defense strategy. The Jones had sued Film Allman, Rayonier (which owned the land around the train trestle) and CSX. In July, jurors ruled that Jones should be given just under $2M for pain and suffering and $9.2M for economic losses.

Of that, CSX was to be liable liable for 35% or roughly $3.92M, Midnight Rider filmmaker Randall Miller for 28%, Rayonier (who owns the lands around the tracks), producer Jody Savin at 7%, first AD Hillary Schwartz. Jay Sedrish with 5% each.

In fighting against a new trial, the Jones’ state that the evidence supported the jury allocation’s of fault and damages to hold CSX liable. Read it by clicking here.

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