Las Vegas Shooting: Sheriff “Offended” By Reports Of Incompetence Over Changing Timeline


The death toll in the October 1 Las Vegas shooting stands at 58 but 45 people remain hospitalized and some are in critical condition, says Las Vegas Police Sheriff Joseph Lombardo.

An emotional and defensive Lombardo told reporters in the room he was “offended” by those who have called his department’s investigation incompetent, and he blasted conspiracy theories that authorities are withholding information.

“There is so no conspiracy…Nobody is attempting to hide anything,” an exasperated Lombardo told reporters.

Much of that talk has stemmed from his previous presser, nearly a week ago, when he said the gunman had shot a hotel security guard before he began firing on the crowd across the street. Previously, police reported the hotel security guard was shot after the melee, suggesting the presence of the guard outside his door distracted the perpetrator of the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Last week, Lombardo called that a small change; press thought otherwise.

“This is a very dynamic event” and changes are to be expected, Lombardo insisted, adding that he had warned press to expect that from the get go.

Lombardo now says Jesus Campos attempted to access the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel at 9:59 PM, but had to go to a different floor to access, and was shot from the gunman’s suite on floor 32 just minutes before shots sprayed the country music concert-going crowd.

An autopsy has been performed on the gunman and an early evaluation of his brain found no abnormalities, but it has been shipped to a facility for microscopic evaluation, he said.

After describing his visits to the homes of two of the more seriously injured police officers, Lombardo declined to take any questions.

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