Producers Guild Moves Toward Expulsion Of Harvey Weinstein

EXCLUSIVE: The national board of directors of the Producers Guild of America will hold an emergency meeting Saturday to expel Harvey Weinstein from the guild. A knowledgeable source says it’s virtually certain Weinstein will be kicked out of the guild for his predatory sexual practices that recently came to light.

“He will be kicked out,” a source told Deadline. “I’m proud that we’re doing this.”

This epitomizes the dramatic fall of Weinstein. Just four years ago, the PGA honored Harvey and brother Bob Weinstein with the Milestone Award, the guild’s most prestigious honor recognizing an individual or team who has made historic contributions to the entertainment industry.

PGA national executive director Vance Van Petten has sent emails to members of the guild’s national board of directors informing them of the vote and steps the PGA plans to take to address the systemic practice of sexual harassment in the industry. In the email sent Wednesday, he told the board that the guild’s presidents, Gary Lucchesi and Lori McCreary, “are calling for a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors for this Saturday, October 14th at Noon (PST) to discuss urgent Guild business and VOTE on an appropriate course of action.”

He also included the passage from the guild’s constitution that allows for the expulsion of members. It states that “Any member of the guild who shall, in the opinion of the national board of directors, be guilty of any act, omission, or conduct which is prejudicial to the welfare of the guild…be censured, fined suspended, expelled from membership or his membership otherwise terminated.”

“The guild feels that it needs to lead the way on this,” another source told Deadline. “Everybody is putting out statements about how deplorable sexual harassment is, but the PGA really wants to do something about this systemic problem in the industry.”

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts yesterday suspended Weinstein’s membership, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is also holding a meeting Saturday to discuss Weinstein’s membership.

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