UTA Chief Jeremy Zimmer Addresses Harvey Weinstein, Sexual Harassment In Internal Memo

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has touched every part of Hollywood, to the point where the business seems to be discussing little else. The major talent agencies and studios haven’t spoken out, yet. But UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer sent an internal memo to staffers late yesterday, assessing the Weinstein situation, and the policy going forward for the agency. While it’s taking time for corporations to find their voices, Zimmer’s memo won’t likely be the last word on the subject, whether delivered internally or externally.

From: Jeremy Zimmer
Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2017 4:46 PM

Subject: What This Means for Us

We’ve all read the news.

As a father, a husband, a colleague and a human being, I am disgusted. Harvey earned his demise. And it should serve as a cautionary tale to anyone in our industry who believes moguls own their thrones.

But I can say that I’m also proud …of the courageous women we represent who have strongly come forward…and of the culture of inclusiveness, tolerance and empowerment that we strive every day to build at UTA.

So let me be crystal clear about who we are – and what we stand for: UTA respects and protects the boundaries of our colleagues and clients. UTA does not tolerate behavior that crosses those lines. UTA will never be silent or complicit. From leaders to assistants, our behaviors must model the highest ethics and standards. Because our values matter.

If you feel uncomfortable, threatened or exposed, if a client feels that way, if a colleague does – you are safe to come forward. Go to your leaders and mentors. Go to our Human Resources team.

There are always things we can do better – to learn and grow in our choices and behavior. But fear and silence is never the answer…you will be heard.


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