Director Adrian Lyne Signs With ICM Partners

Adrian Lyne

EXCLUSIVE: Adrian Lyne has signed with ICM Partners. Lyne directed the steamy and provocative hits Flashdance, Fatal Attraction and Indecent Proposal, but hasn’t directed a film since the 2002 Diane Lane-Richard Gere-starrer Unfaithful. Many have waited a long time for Lyne to get back behind the camera, and the agency’s first order of business will be to help Lyne set up that film. The one he is eager to direct is the David Rayfiel-scripted drama Silence. He is starting fresh with the project, with no cast or attachments on it. It is a Chicago-set story in the 1960s, on a snow covered Christmas night, when a man named John Carpenter finds himself in a dangerous situation when a deadly riot breaks out in the city. A stranger named Silence saves his life. Lyne movies are never that simple — Jacob’s Ladder, Lolita and 9 1/2 Weeks are among his other films — and the thriller ultimately becomes a study in how far would one go to protect the ones you love.

Lyne was a bonafide hitmaker on top of his game with Unfaithful, but he has also been very particular about the projects he directs. He got closest on Once Upon A Time; after adapting to direct the Tawni O’Dell novel himself, he stepped aside and Alex Pettyfer directed it. Lyne served as executive producer. Lyne moved from CAA.

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