Ronan Farrow Relates Results Of His 10-Month Weinstein Probe On ‘NBC Nightly News’

Ronan Farrow, author of New Yorker’s explosive report on Harvey Weinstein, is a contributor to NBC News and appeared on its Nightly News to talk about his 10-month investigation. Thirteen women told him Weinstein sexually harassed or assaulted them; three of them claimed Weinstein raped them.

“Uncanny similarities exist between each of these women’s stories,” Farrow said on Nightly News. “They talk about a pretext of a professional meeting that is then moved to a hotel, and a hotel room. Many of them refer to offers for massage.”

The article also details what Farrow says he learned about the culture at Weinstein’s company and how widely known was the exec’s behavior.

“Sixteen assistants and executives, former and current, talked about a culture of silence in the company, talked about how they witnessed inappropriate activity,” Farrow said in the interview. That includes one who described being Weinstein’s “honeypot,” quickly exiting the room so as to leave him alone with a woman.

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