Tina Fey ‘Great News’ Episode & Classic ’30 Rock’ Joke Reflect Harvey Weinstein Scandal


As the Harvey Weinstein scandal continues to uncoil with what seems to be a non-stop deluge of testimonies and reactions, there is a need for levity. With Tina Fey’s upcoming guest spot on NBC’s Great News as an executive embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal and a classic 30 Rock episode with a Weinstein crack, many are giving the Golden Globe-winning actress credit for foreseeing this scandal in her comedy crystal ball.

The Oct. 12 episode of Great News titled “Honeypot!” has Fey (who wrote the episode with Sam Means) starring as Diana who has been promoted to the head of the corporation. She ends up abusing her power by sexually harassing the men (and women) in the office because “they wanted it.” It sounds like a creepy, disgusting move on her part, but she has ulterior motives with her harassment. The story couldn’t be any more timely, considering it subverts the topical headlines in this week’s media cycle.

The Great News episode isn’t as obvious when it comes to the Weinstein scandal but in the case of a 2012 episode of 30 Rock, it’s a totally different story. In it, Jenna (Jane Krakowski) says that she isn’t afraid of anyone in showbusiness and says that she has “turned down intercourse with Harvey Weinstein on no less than three occasions.” Yes, it was funny back then, but now…not so much. It may have been a playful joke, but it certainly gave a certain impression of Weinstein’s reputation in the industry.

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