Harvey Weinstein: Former Walt Disney Chief Michael Eisner Speaks Up

Michael Eisner Harvey Weinstein

The former CEO of the Walt Disney Co., Michael Eisner who had a contentious relationship with the brothers Weinstein after the filmmakers sold Miramax to Disney in 1993, came out today on social media with a tweet and FB post saying that he had no idea about the “horrible actions” of his former employee. He also said he fired the Weinsteins for being irresponsible and called Harvey Weinstein “an incorrigible bully”:

Disney and the then Miramax honchos repeatedly hit heads over what really was corporate governance laws that Disney (as a public company) had to follow. The brothers Weinstein had — up until the sale — as a private entity operated anyway they really wanted to financially and also launched films that were controversial, one deemed with an NC-17 rating.

It reached a boiling point with Fahrenheit 9/11 which the brothers financed behind the back of Eisner who then told them to basically stop what they were doing. They refused and the film was released. The relationship ended unceremoniously in 2005 when they were supposedly bought out of their contracts and let go with the Dimension label while Disney kept Miramax. It was a welcome departure for both sides.

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