Seth Meyers Asks Female Staffers To Address Harvey Weinstein Scandal On ‘Late Night’

Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers said he was “disgusted and shocked” when he heard the allegations about Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. But he left it to three of Late Show’s show’s female writers to handle its segment on the New York Times report about sexual harassment allegations by multiple women over the years.

One was disgusted and not shocked.

Another was shocked it took so long to become a story.

A third was shocked that anyone was shocked.

They suggested the NYT reported Weinstein had reached settlements with eight women which they said must mean there are more, and that if the NYT reported details there must be others even worse.

They did not question Weinstein’s statement placing blame for his behavior on his having grown up in the ’60s and ’70s. They did accuse him of not keeping up with the times, snarking it “would be a good excuse if he came to the present via time machine,”  adding, “did he not notice things have been changing over the past 50 years?”

They took issue with Weinstein saying he was going to go after the NRA and Donald Trump “as if our shared politics makes his sexual assaults okay.”

Then, they equated Weinstein’s behavior with that of  “unpowerful men” who they said sexually harass women every day, including “bus drivers, and hot dog vendors, and improve coaches.”

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