‘Major Crimes’ Creator Explains “Hasty Answer” To Show’s Cancellation; Says Procedural Is “Not Dead Yet”

james duff major crimes

Fans of TNT’s procedural Major Crimes were disappointed to hear about its cancellation and show creator James Duff reacted earlier this week saying that it wasn’t his idea to cancel and was gracious for the support from the loyal audience. Some took his reaction the wrong way, making it seem like he was frustrated about the news and the network’s decision. Duff took to Facebook again to clarify saying, “I have to be careful what I say on Facebook! I had no idea the media would run with my last post about the cancellation of Major Crimes, which was really just a hasty answer to all the people inundating me with messages, asking if I was pulling the show myself.”


In his post, Duff went into detail about the cancellation and expressed his gratitude when it came to the show which was the highest rated for the network, averaging over ten million viewers an episode on all platforms with minimal marketing. He explained that CEO of Turner Entertainment, Kevin Reilly has been looking to develop “edgier fare” for the network since he came on board two and a half years ago. This has been seen with their recent shows like Animal Kingdom, Good Behavior, and Claws. He believed that Major Crimes could have folded in easily with the new lineup, but said “those responsible for the long-term health of TNT disagree” and that, to them, the show represented the past. He also went on to say that the money they spent on Major Crimes would be “better invested in the future they have been tasked to create.”

From his post, Duff remains professional towards the show’s cancellation and is focusing on moving forward to create the best sixth season. “Happily, to quote Monty Python, ‘I’m not dead yet’,” he said. “And neither is Major Crimes. We have thirteen brand new episodes to debut, starting on Halloween!”

As he always does, Duff will continue blogging and Facebook interviewing the cast before each episode the day it airs. “Your voices have lifted our spirits during this difficult time,” he said.

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