‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Trailer Drops At NY Comic-Con – Watch


The full-on trailer for Legendary’s Pacific Rim: Uprising just dropped at New York Comic-Con during the pic’s panel. Steven S. DeKnight directs the follow-up to the Guillermo del Toro film which takes place 10 years after the previous movie which in layman’s terms is essentially a Transformers vs. lizard monster movie. However, in Pacific Rim, the humans control the big-Transformers like fighting machines and they’re called “Jaegers” and the monsters are called “Kaiju”.

John Boyega plays Jake Penecost, the son of Idris Elba’s Stacker Penecost in the 2013 film. Boyega says his character isn’t the uptight guy that the father was: “He’s a stealer, a hustler and lives in a half mansion. He doesn’t want to live up to the Penecost name.” But then duty calls, and Jake has to make good on the legacy his father left behind during the first attack with the Kaiju.

Cailee Spaney, who was also present on the panel today, plays Mara, whose family was wiped out by the first movie’s attack. She’s a Jaeger pilot as well with Scott Eastwood’s Nate Lambert. Burn Gorman returns as nimble K-Science scientist Herman Gottlieb. Charlie Day,  who plays Dr. Newton, showed up via video doing his Day thing, playing the piano and singing hysterical soulful ditties about lizards and swordplay. Essentially, it was part of his pitch to DeKnight that Pacific Rim: Uprising should open with an original song. Easily the highlight of the panel. DeKnight told the crowd that he’ll speak to Legendary and Universal.

For DeKnight, Pacific Rim: Uprising is a movie about inclusivity: “Jaeger pilots know nothing but a world of chaos, but what we wanted to show in the movie, is that it doesn’t matter where your parents are from, your race, sexual orientation…you can make a difference. It’s the human inside that Jaeger that makes a difference.

Del Toro is aboard as producer and Boyega is producing the sequel as well.

Universal is releasing Pacific Rim: Uprising on March 23.


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