Stephen Colbert Reveals Results Of #PuberMe Puerto Rico Relief Campaign


Stephen Colbert revealed results of his #PuberMe campaign to raise money for Puerto Rico rebuilding, after being hit by Hurricane Maria.

“I’m best known as an ice cream model,” Colbert reminded, showing his Ben & Jerry flavor, Americone Dream. Colbert’s cut goes to the Americone Dream Fund for charity. Colbert and Late Show guest Nick Kroll recently launched a campaign on twitter encouraging celebrities to post photos of themselves during their awkward teen years, with hashtag #PuberMe and #PuertoRicoRelief. The Americone Dream Fund committed to give $1,000 for every celebrity, to For the past week, Colbert has been showing the results on his CBS late-night show.

Thursday night’s contributions: Seth Rogen, Henry Winkler, Kristen Bell, Jake Tapper, and a young Martin Short. “Everything about this photo says ‘I’m preparing myself for a career in comedy’,” Colbert joked.

He announced the grand total: $233K for Puerto Rico relief.

Kroll, by phone from Argentina, added another $100K, coming from him and colleagues on his Netflix show Big Mouth, bringing the total to $333K. CBS chief Leslie Moonves, informed of the campaign, dug around The Big Bang Theory couch cushions and matched Colbert’s pot, bringing the total to $666K, Colbert announced. “The devil’s donation,” joked Kroll.

Then Colbert announced the Americone Dream Fund would add another $266K for all the awkward non-celebrities who tweeted pre-teen photos to #PuberMe.  Kroll tossed more money into the pot, bringing the tally to $999K.

“If only we had one more awkward celebrity puberty photo, but we don’t,” Colbert added. Enter Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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