Hollywood In Pixels Honors Universal Pictures EVP Doug Neil For Digital Campaigns

Hollywood in Pixels/Universal

The Hollywood in Pixels organization tonight honored Doug Neil, EVP Digital Marketing at Universal Pictures, for outstanding digital campaigns in several movie franchises, including Fast & Furious, Despicable Me and Pitch Perfect.

The event was held at Facebook’s Los Angeles office and brought together more than 275 of digital Hollywood’s leaders, including marketing executives, heads of digital entertainment creative agencies, digital platforms and media.

Neil has been with Universal since 2006, overseeing the digital and mobile strategies for theatrical releases. His purview includes website development, online publicity, promotions, social media, online advertising, creative strategy, digital analytics, data mining, emerging platforms, strategic partnerships and media buying for Universal’s slate. He was the first advertiser on Snapchat for Ouija, and built large social media footprints for Universal, including 60 million Facebook fans for the Fast and Furious series. He has overseen the online and mobile marketing campaigns for over 190 films .

In addition to honoring Neil, the judges chose three films to honor for their digital accomplishments. Judges could select any campaign that fielded at least 10 years ago. The selection criteria was that the campaigns selected had to withstand the test of time and still today stand out as a seminal campaign that helped innovate and drive forward film digital marketing as a discipline.

The awards will be given to the digital marketers that worked on the campaigns. The films honored are:

Any Given Sunday – 1999 – One of the first Flash websites that utilized a quiz feature that allowed visitors to interact with the storyline in a way that had never been done before. Unfortunately, the site is no longer available online and is not archived in the Internet Archive.

Minority Report – 2002 – Included an interactive fake campaign site to set up the pros and cons of Precrime, an important theme in the film.

Borat – 2006 – Included a fake movie website that looked as if it was built in Kazakstan in the mid-90’s and a MySpace secret screening. Unfortunately the sites are no longer available and are not archived in the Internet Archive.

Bettina Sherick, founder of Hollywood in Pixels, said the organization’s efforts to preserve the campaigns that helped drive the practice of digital film marketing is gaining steam.

“In our third year, the interest in what we are doing to ensure that we preserve the campaigns that helped drive the practice of digital film marketing forward has grown significantly,” said Sherick. “It is heartening to see the interest in preserving and celebrating what could have been the lost digital history of Hollywood.”

Last year’s Hollywood in Pixels event celebrated the achievements digital pioneer Dwight Caines, responsible for some of the most trailblazing entertainment campaigns of the digital era.

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