Keanu Reeves’ ‘Replicas’ Drops High Octane First Trailer At NY Comic-Con


The movie isn’t actually finished yet but Keanu Reeves unleashed the first trailer for his sci-fi thriller Replicas today at New York Comic-Con.

As you can see above, the Alice Eve and Thomas Middleditch co-starrer about a synthetic biologist who tries to break all boundaries to bring his dead family back via cloning after a car accident kills them is an adrenaline rush.

“There are some moral questions, some ethics questions about bringing someone back,” director Jeffery Nachmanoff said of the cautionary tale underpinnings of the Puerto Rico shot pic Thursday in NYC. “You always have a price to pay when you fool around with mother nature,” The Day After Tomorrow screenplay writer noted.

“It’s been a process I really love,” star and executive producer Reeves told the packed room in the Javits Center of his new behind the scenes role, “developing an idea, a character and a world.” The actor added, “I love science fiction, I love the Trojan horse of it …all other genres can fit inside science fiction.”

To that end, Reeves revealed to fans that another Bill & Ted movie is still in the works but far from in shape beyond a script. “Showbiz is rough, you know,” the actor laughed of putting together all the pieces, finances and otherwise, for the pic. “Hopefully that’ll work out,” he said.

Reeves also let fans in on a third John Wick movie looks to start filming early next year. Last month, Lionsgate gave John Wick: Chapter 3 a May 17, 2019 release date.

Scheduled to come out next year, Replicas’ North American right were picked up for $4 million by Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios last month at the Toronto Film Festival.

Here last year for John Wick 2, Reeves is of course Comic-Con royalty for his role as Neo in The Matrix movies or “The One” as the moderator said to great applause from today’s crowd. The Beirut-born actor is also a bit of a hero this year as he has led an effort with NYCC to raise funds through the Puerto Rico Film Friends Relief Fund for hurricane ravaged island.

“I’d never been to Puerto Rico before,” Reeves revealed to fans at NYCC. “We really did feel like everyone was all for one and let’s do it,” he added of the production, especially the local cew.

New York Comic-Con continues until October 8.

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