Julia Roberts Reprises Her Film Career With James Corden’s “Help” On ‘Late Show’


Julia Roberts became the latest celeb to get the This Is Your Career treatment from James Corden on CBS’ Late Late Show.

They acted out snippets from her career, starting with Notting Hill, in which Corden did the worst Hugh Grant impression on record — despite which Roberts said, “I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”

Corden topped that with an even worse Mona Lisa, to help Roberts reprise Mona Lisa Smile.

Larry Crowne and Steel Magnolias were dispatched, after which Corden performed a funny Tom Hanks for Charlie Wilson’s War, making Roberts giggle.

Eat Pray Love is handled with the largest bowl of pasta in late-night TV history – apparently edible.

They nearly kissed for Closer.

But Pretty Woman got by far the largest round of applause from the Late Late Show crowd, with Roberts re-enacting her call-girl-with-heart role as Vivian and Corden playing not Richard Gere’s part but that of attitudinal Rodeo Drive sales associate.

Stepmom involved hankies.

“You’re not ugly,” Roberts then told Corden, standing in a classroom.

“I know I’m not,” Corden shot back. “Who said I’m ugly?! Who is saying I’m ugly?!” he shouted at his EP.

“No, James. I’m doing a scene from my new film, Wonder,” Roberts consoled.

Corden admitted he not yet seen it, wondering when it comes out.

Wonder will be in theaters everywhere, November 17,” she plugged. They both winked at the camera.

Corden took the George Clooney role for Ocean’s 11 and 12, sipping an espresso, carrying a bottle of tequila and sporting “a couple of these” – twins – strapped to his chest.

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