Larry David On Donald Trump: “I Think We Should Stop Talking About Him”


“Please leave.”

That was Larry David’s direction to President Donald Trump at today’s Vanity Fair Summit when asked by editor-in-chief Graydon Carter to provide some advice to our current Commander-in-Chief.

When prodded by Carter to serve up more advice to Trump, David quipped, “Keep doing what you’re doing.”

When asked by Carter what advice David could provide to us about Trump, the Curb Your Enthusiasm star and creator suggested, “I think we should stop talking about him. He only wants attention, right?”

In general, the conversation centered around David’s daily habits: What’s his morning routine like? What’s his dating life like?

David touched on his early writing career on Saturday Night Live when Dick Ebersol was overseeing the show as EP during the early ’80s. David called it an easy job as he was writing sketches, but they weren’t making it into the show’s rundown.

“Dick Ebersol didn’t care for them,” he said. “I was getting increasingly frustrated…I only had one sketch on the entire year. One night, right before the show was about to air, they had cut another of my sketches, this was about six weeks in.”

David recounted that he walked up to Ebersol who was sitting in the director’s chair and yelled “This f***ing job stinks. It’s a piece of shit. I’m done. I quit. F*** you.” David quickly regretted the decision, having thought about the financial ramifications. He confided in his neighbor Kramer, who suggested “go back in on Monday and pretend it never happened,” which is what David did.

The long-awaited season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm kicked off last Sunday after a six-year hiatus on HBO.

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