Gal Gadot Explodes Onto ‘Saturday Night Live’ Set In New Promo

SNL via YouTube

Wonder Woman‘s Gal Gadot breaks onto the set of NBC’s Saturday Night Live – and gets her name mispronounced for the trouble – in this new promo for this weekend’s episode.

The clip opens with SNL players Mikey Day, Leslie Jones and Beck Bennett waiting around the craft services table for this week’s guest host, wondering if she’ll be anything like her Wonder Woman character.

With some fx assistance, Gadot comes bursting through the familiar SNL back wall, sending Bennett flying into the audience seats.

“Gal Gadot,” yells Jones, pronouncing the name Gail Guh-dot, “you cannot do that, we have rules here.”

“It’s Gal Gadot,” murmurs Day.

“Shut up, Marky,” says Jones.

Saturday’s episode with Gadot features musical guest Sam Smith. Take a look at the promo above.

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