‘Lore’ Review: Amazon Horror Anthology Makes Deft Transition From Podcast

Lore TV Review

As the Friday the 13th launch date for Lore reveals, Gale Anne Hurd, Ben Silverman, Aaron Mahnke and Amazon are clearly not the superstitious types. However, the executive producers, podcast creator, streaming service and six-episode horror anthology series are all about taking things to the next level.

First reported by Deadline at New York Comic-Con last year, the small-screen version of Mahnke’s popular 2-year-old podcast from Walking Dead EP Hurd and ex-NBC Entertainment co-chairman Silverman is also clearly going for something different. It’s something you can really bite into and, as I say in my video review above, something that is quite yummy. In a deft adaptation that may be an acquired taste for some, the half-dozen episodes that debut October 13 are a deliberate mixed bag. Drawing from some of the most revelatory of Mahnke’s podcasts, the series showrun by Glen Morgan blends reenactments by Colm Feore and Campbell Scott, animation, narration, and historical documents and footage to unveil the true story of the modern vampire legend and more.

Whether or not that is your thing, what makes Lore the TV series work is what has Lore the podcast snagging more than 5 million monthly listens. It’s the true-life scary stories that reveal both what we thought we knew and what is real, even when it appears paranormal.

Click on my Lore review above to see more of my take on the horror mash-up of sorts. Will you be getting your Halloween on a little early starting Friday?

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