O.J. Simpson Goes Free; Midnight Timing “To Ensure Public Safety”

Nevada Dept. of Corrections

O.J. Simpson put nine years of prison behind him today, walking out of Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center after completing a stint for his role in a 2007 Las Vegas robbery.

In a Facebook post, the Nevada Department of Corrections confirmed the release.

“The Nevada Department of Corrections, in an effort to ensure public safety and reduce the potential for incident, released Orenthal James Simpson #1027820, on October 1, 2017, at 12:08 AM from Lovelock Correctional Center.”

The Facebook post also included a photo and video of Simpson as he left the building and walked into the parking lot. “Here you go, come on out,” instructs an officer, to which Simpson responds “OK” before walking into the parking lot at night.

Simpson was granted parole in July, having been sentenced to 33 years on a 12-count charge stemming from a hotel room armed robbery of sports memorabilia. Simpson, of course, had been acquitted 13 years earlier in the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, though a 1997 civil trial found him accountable for the deaths.


Here’s the video of Simpson going free:

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