Bill Maher’s Russia Yarn: ‘Real Time’ Host Plays Poirot To Reveal Whodunit

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Updated with video Bill Maher took a CSI approach to the Russia investigation tonight, mocking up one of those bulletin boards with photos and yarn and connect-the-dots explanations, all to unmask the culprit behind a global conspiracy: Donald Trump’s infamous fat guy in bed.

Three guesses on the big guy’s identity, and anyone not the president doesn’t count. (Take a look at the evidence above and below.)

The Poirot-like reveal came during the weekly New Rules segment at the end of tonight’s Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. “New Rule,” announced Maher. “You can’t demand everyone stand for the flag if you colluded with a foreign government to subvert the very democracy that flag represents.”

And with that, Detective Maher – who opened the episode by taking a knee – was off and running.

With the large bulletin board as a show-and-tell, Maher explained the web-like connections between Donald Trump (aka Fat Donnie, aka Edward Babyhands), his sons Donald Jr. and Eric (Tweedledumber being one of the safer for work akas), Vladimir Putin (The Bodfather) and any number of lesser, if usual, suspects: Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Guccifer, Jared Kushner, Michael Flynn, Sergey Kislyak, Julian Assange, Mike Pence and two colorfully pseudonymous Russian prostitutes from that rumored blackmail video.

Speaking of colorful pseudonyms, everyone got at least a couple, playing on their personality traits. Or at least those with personality traits. “Mike Pence, aka…Mike Pence,” was all Maher could muster for the veep.

And after all the bankruptcies, payoffs, failed oil deals, sanctions and international interference, the New Rule bit ended by circling back to Trump’s infamous fat-guy-in-a-bed Wikileaks theory.

Flipping over the bulletin board, Maher revealed his culprit. Need a spoiler alert?

Check out the video above, and this exhibit here:

HBO via Twitter

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