Seth Meyers: Donald Trump Lying About New Tax Plan, Fate of Health Care Bill

Seth Meyers

President Donald Trump, desperate for positive talking points about his first months in office, “has turned to lying about the fate of his most recent health care bill and whether his tax plan will benefit the wealthy,” Late Night host Seth Meyers said in his most recent Closer Look segment.

Meanwhile, he has doubled down on his battle with NFL players, though polls have shown the debate is deeply unpopular. But Trump is very proud of the campaign, telling people at a dinner party, “It’s really caught on,” according to press reports.

“You’re talking about a racial controversy, not the Macarena,” Meyers schooled POTUS.

Trump has taken heat for tweeting obsessively about football players taking a knee during the national anthem, but far less about the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who “always sounds like someone at a parent-teacher conference about the kid who is constantly trying to burn down the school,” got so flustered the other day she accidentally called him “President Chirp,” Meyers said.

Trump wants the NFL to write a rule saying players who kneel during the anthem will be fired. And said so this week on the same day Attorney General Jeff Sessions was at Georgetown University, talking about free speech on college campuses, with lines such as “In this great land, the government does not tell you what to think, or what to say.”

It’s easier for Trump to whip up anger against football players than it is to talk about complex policy, because he doesn’t know anything about policy, Meyers said, adding, “Of course a third option is just to lie.” Like when he claimed to reporters that the GOP did have enough votes to pass its failed healthcare bill, after the GOP pulled the bill for lack of votes. Trump falsely claimed that was because a mysterious unnamed senator was in hospital and could not attend a vote.

Bewildered reporters who asked him to name the senator got no answer. They later concluded he must be talking about Sen. Thad Cochran, who released a statement saying he was not hospitalized, but was at home in Mississippi recuperating from a urological issue.

“This is how bad things are now, the president is spreading so many insane rumors, senators have to issue statements letting everyone know they’re okay,” Meyers said, calling Trump’s presidency the first in which people have to check in safe on Facebook.

With the failure of the GOP’s latest health care plan, the GOP is moving on to tax cuts, about which Trump is either clueless, or lying, or both, Meyers said. He’s pretending the new plan does not slash taxes for the wealthy from 39.6% to 35%. That flies in the face of his campaign promise that taxes on the wealthy will be “pretty much where they are” and “if they have to go higher they will go higher,” Meyers said.  “The only way he was increasing taxes for the rich is if he could pick which rich people,” Meyers speculated, naming to that list, Rosie O’Donnell, Meryl Streep, and “everyone on the NBA except for the tall white guys.”

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