Donald Trump Scrubs Strange From Twitter Feed


This Morning In Donald Trump Tweets is, today, a tale of deletion – not addition.

Trump has deleted all his tweets pushing the candidacy of Luther Strange for the Senate, after Strange got trounced last night by booted Alabama Judge Roy Moore in the state’s Republican primary.

Strange, for whom Trump traveled to Alabama to campaign, was named interim senator for the state, filling Jeff Sessions’ seat, after Trump named Sessions his Attorney General. Moore, who lost his position as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court twice, for ethics violations, was the candidate of choice for Trump’s former chief strategist and current Breitbart chief Steve Bannon. Bannon was seen on air telling locals that a vote for Moore was a vote in support of Trump – followed by wild applause –  even though Trump was campaigning for the other guy.

But the White House palace intrigue doesn’t stop there: also backing Moore were Trump’s former fave surrogate Sebastian Gorka and ardent Trump supporter Sarah Palin.

CNN reports Trump is “pissed,” stating the obvious.

This morning, after scrubbing all trace of Strange from his Twitter stream, Trump was all-in for Moore:

Hours earlier, Trump had made one last, fleeting reference to Strange, before moving on:


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