Twitter Increases Character Limit To 280 As A Test For Select Group

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Could 140-character tweets become a thing of the past? Twitter is testing out a new system with its social media platform by doubling the character limit to 280. But don’t get too excited — the feature is only available to a small group.

The news was announced on the Twitter blog which said the reason for the change was that more characters would give the opportunity for Twitter users to convey a thorough thought in 280 characters instead of cramming it into 140 characters. They found that languages like Japanese, Korean, and Chinese can convey about double the amount of information in one character as in other languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese or French. This means people who tweet in Japanese, Korean and Chinese can express thoughts in fewer characters with more room to spare, as opposed to English, which takes up a lot of tweet real estate.

That said, they increased the character limit to 280 for languages impacted by cramming.

They are currently testing the new limit with a select group before making a decision to expand the feature. Twitter hopes this will make it easier for everyone to tweet.

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