Trump: “I Was Ashamed” That NFL Players Took Knee During National Anthem


“I wasn’t preoccupied with NFL; I was ashamed of what was taking place,” President Donald Trump said this afternoon of his decision to call football players taking a knee during the national anthem “son of a bitch” at a campaign rally and urge team owners to sack them.

“To me that was a very important moment,” Trump said a Rose Garden presser with Spain’s prime minister. “I don’t think you can disrespect our country, our flag, our national anthem.”

Dallas Cowboys National Anthem
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Asked if his is too “preoccupied” with the NFL players knee-taking when there are so many big and pressing issues for POTUS to handle, Trump shot back: “I have plenty of time on my hands. All I do is work, and to be honest with you, that’s an important function of working. It is called respect for our country.”

Trump explained it does not take long to write a tweet about “disgraceful” people who are disrespecting the country.

“I think it is a very important thing for the NFL to not allow people to kneel during the playing of the national anthem,” Trump added.

Speaking of more pressing issues, Trump insisted “we are totally prepared” to handle North Korea militarily. “If we take that option,” he said, “it will be devastating, I can tell you that, devastating for North Korea.

“That’s called the military option,” Trump clarified, for any reporters who might be confused. “If we have to take it, we will.”

POTUS had begun his rambling presser by taking a moment “to send America’s hearts and prayers to the people of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.”

“Both have been devastated – and I mean absolutely devastated – by Hurricane Maria. And we’re doing everything in our power to help the hard hit people of both places,” Trump read from prepared remarks. “A massive effort is underway, and we have been treated very nicely by the governor and everybody else,” he added, head-scratchingly.

“They know how hard we are working and what a good job we’re doing,” he said.

“[Puerto Rico] Gov. [Ricardo] Rocello just told me this morning the entire federal workforce is doing great work in Puerto Rico – and he is saying it to anybody who will listen.”

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