Puerto Rico “Going To Be Mr. Trump’s Katrina,” New York Rep. Nydia Velazquez Tells CNN


“This is going to be Mr. Trump’s Katrina,” New York’s Dem Rep. Nydia Velazquez said this morning of the dire situation in Puerto Rico after the island was flattened by two hurricanes.

“We need to spend less time putting out tweets and more time” ending the humanitarian crisis on the island, the Puerto Rico native suggested to CNN’s Kate Bolduan about President Donald Trump’s morning activities.

Velazquez said she was “happy to see the president is starting to comprehend the severity” and “life-and-death issues” in the wake Hurricane Maria, which hit the island about a week ago – just two weeks after Puerto Rico got lashed by Hurricane Irma.

Moments before Velazquez’s interview, Trump held a photo op at which he said he would visit the devastated U.S. territory on Tuesday. “Puerto Rico is very important to me,” he insisted. “I grew up in New York, so I know many people from Puerto Rico, I know many Puerto Ricans.

“These are great people, and we have to help them,” Trump continued. “I read this morning it was literally destroyed, the infrastructure was in bad shape.”

Or, as Velazquez put it: “This is a humanitarian crisis” in need of “massive response from the federal government” that “has not happened.”

Trump told a different story:


“I think we’re getting good marks for the work we’re doing [in Puerto Rico], landing water, food, supplies on an hourly basis – and this to airport that is devastated.” He described the airport as “sad” and “broken,” adding, “So those people are very important.” Trump also mentioned the “tremendous efforts and sending tremendous supplies to the Virgin Islands.”

Meanwhile, Velazquez thanked CNN for drawing attention to the crisis in Puerto Rico, saying, “If it wasn’t for you, the situation would be much worse.”

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