Murders of Two Location Scouts Mourned By Location Managers Guild

Carlos Munoz Portal, 37, was murdered as he scouted locations in Mexico for the Netflix series Narcos. Ed French, 71, was scouting a commercial shoot at Twin Peaks in San Francisco when he was robbed and murdered in July. The Location Managers Guild International put out a statement about both of these colleagues:

“The Location Managers Guild International is deeply saddened by the recent loss of our professional colleagues Carlos Munoz Portal and Ed French. Both men were murdered while scouting for locations on separate projects. Munoz Portal was working in Hidalgo, Mexico on Netflix’s Narcos. Ed French lived and worked in San Francisco and was killed while scouting for a commercial at Twin Peaks, a popular tourist destination. Studios and networks have increased crew safety awareness in the wake of the Sarah Jones tragedy. However, location scouts and managers are often vulnerable, working alone while scouting dangerous environments. While such occurrences are rare, location pros can also be targets because of the equipment they carry. Our deepest condolences go to the families of Carlos and Ed. We mourn the loss of our colleagues and hope to work toward a solution to minimize the violence that plagues our global community.”

Portal was found dead in his car, shot to death earlier this month, which prompted Pablo Escobar’s brother to ask Netflix to change the security protocol for Narcos. Police in San Francisco are still investigating the death of French who was taking photos when he was robbed and killed for his camera.

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