Anthony Scaramucci Tells ‘The View’: Steve Bannon “Messianic”; Sean Spicer “Liar”


Anthony Saramucci struggled to get a word in edgewise against The Ladies Of The View today, but did manage to convey that Donald Trump’s former strategist Steve Bannon and chief of staff Reince Priebus were the two “most unlikeable” people in the White House, which is saying a lot.

Bannon is a “great speechwriter” with “great linguistic skills,” but “has a little bit of messianic complex” and white nationalist “tendencies,” Scaramucci said.

He got along with Priebus, until Trump designated him for a job inside the administration. “Then the food fight started. He did not want me in the administration,” the former Wall Street-er added.

Scaramucci denied calling former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer “Melissa McCarthy” behind his back, after the actress who just won an Emmy playing Spicer on Saturday Night Live. Scaramucci insisted he called him “Liar Spice. ”

Spicer quit the day Scaramucci was announced for the job and has said in interviews he did not feel The Mooch had the background or qualifications for the job. Asked on The View if Spicer was wrong, Scaramucci answered, “Well, let’s put it this way: The president asked me to do some specific things for him. That office was open – so I took the office.”

“I had a specific job from the president of the United States and I think, frankly, I carried out a lot of that job,”  he boasted, indicating the task Trump gave him was to eliminate “leakers.” Priebus and Bannon are gone; ditto Spicer.

Scaramucci acknowledged he originally supported Republicans Scott Walker, then Jeb Bush, in the White House race, until Trump became the party’s choice. Trump, he said, was one of only two hopefuls who identified that there were loads of middle-class people in the country struggling to find jobs.

“I’m a team player” he said, explaining why he joined Team Trump.

Sunny Hostin noted some people would call that “opportunism,” given that Scaramucci had blasted Trump as a “hack” politician spewing “anti-American” rhetoric, who was on track to become “President of Queens County Bullies Association.”

“I love these ABC people,” Scaramucci eye rolled in response, reminding viewers ABC’s White House correspondent had raised same point during his first presser.

After the break, the ladies brought out Mario Cantone, whose career playing Scaramucci doppelganger tragically was cut short when The Mooch got the hook 10 days into his White House job. Cantone began to Scarmucchi manically, while the real deal drank from his The View mug and suffered mostly silently:


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