‘South Park’ Tells Tweeter-In-Chief: Just “Put It Down”

Comedy Central

South Park can no easier quit Donald Trump than Trump can quit Twitter. On last night’s Season 21 second episode, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone implored the president to just put it down.

His phone, that is.

The episode, “Put It Down,” included a song of the same name, as panicked eight-year-old Tweek – half of the the show’s openly gay kid couple – started an international incident by sending a batch of peace-making cupcakes to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

Comedy Central

But no good deed goes unfouled by President Trump, er, President Garrison, who tweets, “I know that kid Tweek, he’s f***ing with you, North Korea. Get a clue. I’ll bet he took a dump in the batter.”

Comedy Central

Not content to leave bad enough alone, the President soon tweets another message, “I hope ALL children of America will stand with Tweek in saying, “GO AHEAD AND BOMB US KIM JONG DONG, WE F***ING DARE YOU!” The White House tweets get even more bombastic – and racist – from there.

“Why would he say that? The President tweeted about me? Why would he do that?,” screams a terrified Tweek, whose boyfriend provides a solution – but a Fidget Spinner won’t solve this international crisis. North Korea sends a test missile soaring over Tweek’s house.

The episode pretty much decimates any notion that South Park will keep its hands off Trump, despite its creators’ recent laments that the president’s real-life antics make it all but impossible to wring out satire. Not even South Park, they worried, could one-up Trump in the ludicrous department.

Maybe, maybe not. But as “Put It Down” suggests, Tweek & Co. won’t keep trying. (And, no, Hillary doesn’t escape unscathed: during the “Put It Down” song at the episode’s end, she joins various characters making the pledge to do as the title says, though in her case the background singers chime in, “No one cares…”)


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