The Deadline Podcast: “Fired Directors”, With Guest Ted Kotcheff

Peter Bart Podcast

A growing number of directors are being fired off films. Is there a connection to the trend of more filmmakers writing their own screenplays, rather than depending on the craftsmanship of seasoned screenwriters? Directors have worked hard to achieve more creative freedom, but may be sacrificing those gains in their quest for total creative control. Several new films like Logan Lucky suggest an inattentiveness to the importance of screenplays and a need to return to the era when writers like Paddy Chayefsky played a key role in the filmmaking process.

We weigh in on that topic and talk with┬áTed Kotcheff, the director of such films as The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, First Blood, Uncommon Valor, Weekend at Bernie’s and more.

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