Tucker Carlson Blasts Emmys; Calls It A “Remarkable Triumph Of Identity Politics Over Art & Entertainment”

Tucker Carlson
Fox News

Tucker Carlson did not like the Emmys — and he made sure to let everyone know on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Huge strides were made last night at the 69th annual Emmy Awards when it came to diversity, representation, and inclusion with Lena Waithe being the first black queer woman winning an Emmy for Best Comedy Writing and Riz Ahmed being the first Asian actor to win an Emmy. None of that really mattered to Carlson. He focused on the “race hostility from the left” and began with calling out Insecure star Issa Rae for saying that she was rooting for anyone who is black. He didn’t see that as a celebration of black actors but as an insult to other races.

He then went on to play clips from last night’s telecast which included a whole lot of Trump takedowns and snark from Donald Glover and Alec Baldwin’s acceptance speeches to Lily Tomlin’s monumental takedown of 45, calling him a “sexist, egotistical bigot.” But Carlson expected that from liberal Hollywood. What bothered was that the celebration of TV was a direct insult to middle America. He said was a chance for the ruling class to show off their contempt for the rest of the country and the zip codes they don’t live in.

“The middle class elected Donald Trump [and] Hollywood denounced them for doing it,” he said.

“No longer a debate between conservatives and liberals,” he adds. “It’s an unbridgeable divide between those who reaped the massive benefits of global capitalism and the rest of the country — which has not.”

Carlson dug deep into the Emmys and, from the way he frames it, continued to slam the TV ceremony and how Hollywood is single-handedly ruining America. He called the artists on the shows “hacks” and went to give a very thorough review of all of them, calling them “dumb,” “crap,” and “not impressive.”

He didn’t come after shows like Stranger Things, Big Little Lies or Modern Family — but I am sure he would find something irreprehensible and morally deteriorating about them. Instead, he went after low-hanging fruit — shows that have political heft to them. He railed on Hulu’s five-time Emmy winning drama The Handmaid’s Tale and railed on Emmy winning Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, saying it is a “distorted world warped by ideology” and a place where “people think Ta-Nehisi Coates writes well.”

“The winners justify their immense wealth and power by imagining they deserve it — they’re simply better and more deserving than everyone else,” he said. “The people beneath them deserve what they get – they are disgusting because they voted for Donald Trump. Dismissing Trump voters as evil allows those actors on stage last night to sustain the current and very warped system and still believe that they’re good people but the very best people.”

Apparently, Carlson thinks that all of Hollywood hates Trump voters and thinks they are horrible human beings — and he tries to beat that into our heads during this segment. Based on his rant, he’s not too fond of TV or Hollywood and it’s not likely we’ll see him at next year’s ceremony.

“Politics never improves art, it corrupts art,” said the former Dancing with the Stars contestant. “Turning free thinkers into robots and beauty into propaganda.”

Was that last line a jab at Westworld?


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