Alec Baldwin: “At Long Last, Here, Mr. President, Is Your Emmy”

Will Heath/NBC

UPDATED with video: Emmy audience went wild tonight when Alec Baldwin was named best supporting actor in a comedy series for his work as President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live,, took the stage and shared his win with POTUS:

“At long last, here, Mr. President, is your Emmy,” Baldwin said, accepting his statuette for performances that regularly got Trump’s undies in a bunch:

Baldwin noted he and his wife had three children in three years, but had not gotten pregnant again since he started playing Trump on the NBC late night show, joking his orange wig is a form of birth control.

When you die, he said, you do not remember a bill passed by Congress, or a Supreme Court decision. You remember a song, or a line from a movie, a painting or a poem.”

“What we do is important,” Baldwin said. “To all of you out there in motion pictures and television, don’t stop doing what you’re doing, the audience is counting on you.”

When asked, backstage, about the reax he’s gotten from viewers, Baldwin said, “People are overwhelmed. We’re in a situation where a critical mass of people don’t accept where we are. Everyday that feeling is reinforced by the thoughts and deeds of this person. I find myself as a conduit for that. They’re suffering a great deal, they’re confused and in pain. They slap me on the back and thank me for easing this pain.”

Baldwin said he had something on common with Trump’s former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who braved the Hollywood crowd to help out host Steve Colbert with his Emmys opening monologue:

“I think people in this business…are grateful that he has a sense of humor. Spicer completed certain things that we might not respect or were super critical of. I’ve done some jobs where I wasn’t respected or admired either. He and I have that in common.”

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