Ben Stiller’s ’Brad’s Status’ Bows Solid – Specialty Box Office

Brad's Status

Toronto fest debut Brad’s Status starring Ben Stiller reigned over the weekend’s Specialties with a solid start. The Amazon Studios/Annapurna Pictures release by Mike White grossed over $100K from several locations Friday to Sunday, the highest absolute gross and per theater average among the reporting newcomer titles as of Sunday morning. Prolific documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman’s latest Ex Libris: The New York Public Library bowed with an exclusive New York engagement that started Wednesday. For its three-day, the film took in $11,175. Oscilloscope opened Judd Apatow and Michael Bonfliglio’s documentary, May It Last: A Portrait Of the Avett Brothers Tuesday in 325 theaters to a one-night run grossing $665K. Over the weekend, it continued its regular theatrical run in 8 theaters, grossing $10,500.

Doc Manolo: the Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards opened three locations Friday taking in $7,440. Kino Lorber opened doc The Force in several theaters for a $19,500 weekend. Cohen Media Group launched Red Trees with nine runs for a $10K weekend, while FilmRise’s Vengeance: A Love Story totaled $5K from nine locations. FilmRise’s Dayveon had a slow run in three theaters grossing $2K in its debut. A24’s Good Time is closing in on $2M, while Neon’s Ingrid Goes West crossed $2.9M, both in their sixth weekends. And Menashe from A24 crossed well over one-and-a-half million this weekend.

Brad’s Status starring Stiller, Austin Abrams, Jenna Fischer, Michael Sheen and Luke Wilson showed zest in its debut after its Toronto Film Festival premiere. The Amazon Studios/Annapurna Pictures release grossed $100,179 in four New York and Los Angeles theaters Friday to Sunday, averaging just over $25K — the best per theater average among all reporting titles this weekend.


Annapurna said Sunday that the feature played particularly well with males 35-plus who gave the feature rating/recommend scores “well above norms.” Amazon Studios gave kudos to the film Sunday as well: “Audiences and critics are responding to Mike White’s distinctive voice in Brad’s Status,” commented Bob Berney, head of Marketing and Distribution at Amazon Studios. “Fathers are really relating to the film and recognize themselves in Ben Stiller’s poignant performance.”

Brad’s Status, which was developed and fully-financed by Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, will expand to 100 markets next weekend.

Frederick Wiseman’s Ex Libris: The New York Public Library opened exclusively at Film Forum in New York to a good start. The film, Wiseman’s 43rd in his 50 year-career, grossed $11,175 Friday to Sunday for a five-day cume of $16,557 since opening Wednesday. The grosses were “limited by running time and seat capacity,” according to a spokesperson for Zipporah Film, Wiseman’s company which is handling the title’s release. Ex Libris comes in at three hours-plus, limiting its showing to just three screenings per day in a 145 seat theater, including “multiple sell-outs.” The documentary will open exclusive engagements in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. next weekend before rolling out through the Fall with over three dozen cities confirmed to open the title through the end of October.

Sundance doc The Force opened in four theaters in the Bay Area. The timely film about an embattled urban police department grossed $19,500, averaging $4,875. Directed by Peter Nicks, the title will expand to New York and Los Angeles September 22.


Oscilloscope took May It Last: A Portrait Of the Avett Brothers to 325 theaters in a one-night only showing at locations around the country. The company reported its one-night gross came to $665K. The company continued the regular release of the documentary by Apatow and Bonfiglio this weekend in 8 theaters where it took in an additional $10,500 ($1,313 PTA) bringing its cume to $681,589. Filmed over more than two years, May It Last is an intimate look at the Grammy Award-nominated North Carolina band fronted by Seth and Scott Avett. “This far exceeds our expectations and we couldn’t be more pleased by the result,” said Oscilloscope’s Andrew Carlin Thursday about the film’s one-night showings. “The demand is really incredible. It’s going to play select shows throughout September and into October.”

Among other reporting Specialty newcomers, Music Box Films bowed doc Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards in three theaters, grossing $7,440 ($2,480 average); Cohen Media Group took Red Trees to 9 locations grossing just over $10K ($1,112 average); FilmRise had nine runs for Vengeance: A Love Story taking in $5K ($556 average) and also Dayveon, opening in three locations grossing $2K ($667 average).

Rebel In The Rye
IFC Films

J.D. Salinger biopic Rebel In the Rye played 45 additional runs in its second frame. The IFC Films release starring Nicholas Hoult grossed $101,118 in 49 theaters, averaging $2,064. In its debut the Danny Strong feature topped the weekend’s Specialty newcomers with an $11,070 PTA from a $44,280 gross in four locations. It has cumed $154,326. IFC Films also had The Unknown Girl in theaters in its second frame. The title grossed $32K, averaging $2K.

The Orchard’s Sundance doc Trophy added a run in its second weekend. Directed by Shaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau, it grossed $2,742, averaging $1,371 and a $7,470 cume. The title took in $3,474 in its exclusive New York run last weekend.

In its third outing, Dolores, the Sundance fest documentary release from PBS Distribution played 13 additional runs, grossing $68,120 in 18 locations, averaging $3,785. In week 2, Dolores grossed $53,610 in five theaters, averaging $10,722. Dolores has cumed $151,227.

Viceroy's House
IFC Films

IFC Films added 68 theaters for its historical drama Viceroy’s House starring Hugh Bonneville. The film grossed $229,372, averaging $2,104; it is also available on-demand. Viceroy’s House played 41 locations last weekend, grossing over $148K ($3,621 PTA). It has cumed $481,611.

Neon nearly doubled its location count for Eliza Hittman’s Sundance drama Beach Rats now in week four. In 67 theaters the film grossed $72,700, averaging $1,085. Beach Rats grossed $72,591 last weekend in 34 theaters ($2,135 average). It has cumed $320,778.

Oscilloscope also doubled its theater count for Polina in its fourth weekend. The Russian-French dance drama featuring Juliette Binoche grossed $30K ($1K average) in 30 locations. It has cumed $117,908.

The Safdie brothers’ Good Time starring Robert Pattinson as a New York hooligan having a very rough night is edging closer to $2M. In its sixth weekend, the feature grossed $29,495 averaging $1,017 bringing its cume to over $1.93M.

Neon’s Ingrid Goes West crossed $2.9M in its sixth weekend. In 100 theaters, the title took in $81,650, averaging $817.

And Menashe from A24 easily crossed $1.5M in its eighth weekend in theaters. The Yiddish, Brooklyn-set drama grossed over $87K in 90 locations ($969 average) bringing its cume to $1,575,825.


Brad’s Status (Amazon Studios/Annapurna Pictures) NEW [4 Theaters] Weekend $100,179, Average $25,045


Dayveon (FilmRise) NEW [3 Theaters] Weekend $2,000, Average $667

Ex Libris: The New York Public Library (Zipporah Films) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $11,175, Cume $16,557 (Wed. Open)

The Force (Kino Lorber) NEW [4 Theaters] Weekend $19,500, Average $4,875

May It Last: A Portrait Of the Avett Brothers (Oscilloscope) [8 Theaters] NEW Weekend $10,500, Average $1,313, Cume $681,589

Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards (Music Box Films) NEW [3 Theaters] Weekend $7,440, Average $2,480

Red Trees (Cohen Media Group) NEW [9 Theaters] Weekend $10,012, Average $1,112

Vengeance: A Love Story (FilmRise Releasing) NEW [9 Theaters] Weekend $5,000, Average $556


Rebel In the Rye (IFC Films) Week 2 [49 Theaters ] Weekend $101,118, Average $2,064, Cume $154,326

Orchard/CNN Films

Trophy (The Orchard) Week 2 [2 Theater ] Weekend $2,742, Average $1,371, Cume $7,470

The Unknown Girl (IFC Films) Week 2 [16 Theaters] Weekend $32,043, Average $2,002, Cume $52,725


Do It Like An Hombre (Pantelion/Lionsgate) Week 3 [226 Theaters] Weekend $125,000, Average $553, Cume $2,307,528

Dolores (PBS Distribution) Week 3 [18 Theaters] Weekend $68,120, Average $3,785, Cume $151,227

Viceroy’s House (IFC Films) Week 3 [109 Theaters] Weekend $229,372, Average $2,104, Cume $481,611

Beach Rats (Neon) Week 4 [67 Theaters] Weekend $72,700, Average $1,085, Cume $320,778

Polina (Oscilloscope) Week 4 [30 Theaters] Weekend $30,000, Average $1,000, Cume $117,908

Served Like A Girl (Entertainment Studios Motion) Week 4 [1 Theater] Weekend $74, Cume $8,234

California Typewriter (Gravitas Ventures) Week 5 [18 Theaters] Weekend $22,201, Average $1,233, Cume $128,919

Marjorie Prime (FilmRise) Week 5 [10 Theaters] Weekend $12,000, Average $1,200, Cume $143,367

Good Time (A24) Week 6 [29 Theaters] Weekend $29,495, Average $1,017, Cume $1,932,774

Ingrid Goes West (Neon) Week 6 [100 Theaters] Weekend $81,650, Average $817, Cume $2,906,598

The Trip To Spain (IFC Films) Week 6 [103 Theaters] Weekend $76,338, Average $741, Cume $923,086

Columbus (Superlative Films/Depth of Field) Week 7 [62 Theaters] Weekend $89,146, Average $1,438, Cume $637,103

Acacia Entertainment

Wind River (The Weinstein Company) Week 7 [2,619 Theaters] Weekend $2,553,586, Average $975, Cume $29,122,401

Menashe (A24) Week 8 [90 Theaters] Weekend $87,210, Average $969, Cume $1,575,825

The Big Sick (Amazon Studios/Lionsgate) Week 13 [338 Theaters] Weekend $342,000, Average $1,012, Cume $42,511,321

Lost In Paris (Oscilloscope) Week 13 [15 Theaters] Weekend $13,500, Average $900, Cume $631,050

Maudie (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 14 [63 Theaters] Weekend $38,870, Average $617, Cume $6,081,189

The Hero (The Orchard) Week 15 [8 Theaters] Weekend $2,834, Average $354, Cume $4,075,277

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