Emmys: Security Will Be “Severely Enhanced” After London Subway Attack

By Dominic Patten, Anthony D'Alessandro

Emmy Awards 2017

The Los Angeles Police Department and other law enforcement haven’t openly brought down their wall of blue for tomorrow’s Emmys, but big plans and a big presence are coming. Like after the explosions in NYC and New Jersey on the eve of the Emmys last year, security for TV’s big night will be strengthened following the attack on a London Tube train that left dozens injured yesterday.

“Our presence will be severely enhanced on Sunday due to what happened in London this week,” a police insider told Deadline of the measures set to go in place for the 69th annual Primetime Emmy Awards in downtown L.A. on September 17. “You’ll see us, but you won’t see the majority of our efforts unless sadly you have to,” the source added of the larger than usual behind the scenes force that will be deployed both technologically and in trained and armed officers.

While there weren’t a lot of officers around the Emmy-hosting Microsoft Theatre today, officially, the LAPD are sending out a pretty strong message for tomorrow. Though they caution that “there is no known threat or tactical alert in place,” according to Officer Mike Lopez.

“We will be stepping up our presence,” the LAPD spokesman asserts of the Stephen Colbert-hosted ceremony to be broadcast live on CBS and the arrivals of nominees and others earlier in the day. “We are going to have extra officers deployed in and around the Emmys because of the large crowd attending and the large crowd the event will attract,” Officer Lopez added.

Soon after the attack at Parsons Green Tube station in the British capital, which saw an 18-year old man arrested today, the LAPD put more officers out in the field here in the City of Angels:

An Emmy rep said this morning “the Television Academy is working in close conjunction with the LAPD regarding all security measures.” In the wake of the London Tube attack, expect to see great that usual vehicle checks, multiple perimeters leading to the Microsoft Theatre and concrete road barriers on surrounding streets.

“We’ve come a long way in Los Angeles. With the LAPD, the sheriff’s department, and a number of other agencies,” says Kent Moyer, President and CEO of The World Protection Group. “There’s a great cooperation that I have not seen before and even in 18 years,” notes the head of the private security firm that is working one of the Emmy parties this weekend, and whose clientele includes a number of celebrity clients.

The World Protection Group uses an intelligence system known as G THIRA, which is based on Homeland security and FEMA protocol. The system runs 60K live feeds on 50 different types of threats and it’s pulling intelligence from all over the world. There’s an open source share of intelligence between law enforcement and private security in these types of high profile events.

Ultimately, the LAPD says that Angelenos can be the best safeguards against any potential incident at the Emmys or anywhere else in the home of Hollywood.

“Our officers are well trained for any situation that could arise but we need the citizens of L.A. to trust us and be our eyes and ears,” says Officer Lopez. “We always plan for the best, we are always prepared for the worst,” he added.

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2017/09/emmys-security-enchanced-lapd-london-subway-attack-1202171288/