John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ Wins Best Variety Talk Series; Stephen Colbert And Jimmy Kimmel Drink


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver  took its second consecutive Emmy for Best Variety Talk Series and, for the second year in a row, Jimmy Kimmel nabbed the win for Best Non-Winner – this time sharing the honor with Stephen Colbert.

Once again Oliver delivered a charming, brief acceptance speech, noting he’s brought his entire staff to the Emmy ceremony as they hollered from the nose-bleed seats, and asked to be played off.

After which Kimmel and Colbert – both nommed in the category this year – were seen standing in the aisle, enjoying cocktails.

“I”m drinking a specialty cocktail, called The Last Week Tonight,” this year’s Emmy host Colbert said.

“I got the same thing. It’s a dry British cocktail,” added Kimmel, sipping.

“Yes, it’s so high quality, they can only make one a week,” Colbert snarked.

Kimmel wondered if it’s possible they put the wrong name on the card as “sometimes” happens, in an Oscar-gate reference.

“Not tonight,” Colbert rued.

Last year when Oliver won the Emmy in this derby, Emmy host Kimmel won for best variety talk series loser segue on the Emmy stage. After Oliver’s speech,  Matt Damon sauntered out on stage, eating an apple, and said to Kimmel,  “I missed the last category. Did you win?”

“No, I didn’t win,” Kimmel growled.

“That’s a bummer,” Damon said. “That makes a lot of sense, but you must be really bummed out.”

Told Oliver had won, Damon raved, “This is so humiliating. You lost and now you’ve got to stand out here for the rest of the night, when you probably just want to go home and curl up and cry.”

Last year Oliver took the spotlight again about a month later when he’d offered his first Emmy in this category to Donald Trump if the then-GOP candidate would accept the election results on November 8.

“Of course he wants an Emmy! It’s a woman, it’s gold, and it’s proportionate to his tiny hands,” Oliver said. “It’s basically Trump’s ideal mate.”

Oliver’s program this year mopped up in the late-night categories, starting last weekend when his HBO show took the Emmy for Outstanding Picture Editing For Variety Programming, for its F*ck 2016 segment. Winning editor Anthony Maile thanked Oliver for “letting me do some silly stuff on your otherwise informative television program”:

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