Sean Spicer Talks Donald Trump, Melissa McCarthy And Crowd Size With Jimmy Kimmel

UPDATED with details, video: Sean Spicer has never seen President Donald Trump naked, the former White House press secretary answered when Jimmy Kimmel asked by way of trying to understand why Trump is so obsessed with the size of his inaugural crowd.

This and other pressing questions got answered Wednesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Spicer made his first TV appearance since stepping down from his White House gig.

“Here we go: From the Oval Office to the bushes in the Rose Garden, our first guest has seen it all,”  Kimmel said, introducing his big “get” to his studio audience. “He’s survived one of the worst jobs ever, and he’s free at last to speak about it.”

Wild applause in the studio as Spicer walked on stage.

“If I had known I was going to get that kind of applause I would have left earlier,” he joked.

After six months and one day of Trump abuse, Spicer threw in the towel in July when POTUS named pal/Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci to be his new White House Communications Director. Spicer, who had been filling in on the job, told CNN he quit to give Scaramucci a “clean slate.” The move sent Melissa McCarthy fans into a deep depression.

“This obviously is a hard job and turned out to be kind of funny,” Kimmel said of the gig.

“For you,” Spicer shot back. “I’m not so sure I see it that way. But I appreciate the joke.”

Twisting the knife, Kimmel reminded Spicer that, right off the bat, Trump had made him go in front of the press and insist against all evidence to the contrary that Trump’s inaugural crowd was the biggest the world has ever seen.

“Yes, I’m aware of it. I appreciate the reminder how it went down,” Spicer deadpanned. That Saturday he thought he was going to his office to set things up, but Trump wanted to “make sure the record was set straight.”

“Why is he so concerned with size. Have you ever seen the president naked?” Kimmel asked.

“I have not,” Spicer said.

Melissa McCarthy Sean Spicer
Will Heath/NBC

Kimmel showed a clip of McCarthy’s Saturday Night Live performance as unhinged Spicey Spice, which won her an Emmy last weekend for Best Comedy Series Guest Actress.

After the clip, Spicer muttered something about lots of money spent on therapy, but Kimmel was sure Spicer found it funny.

“That was kinda funny,” Spicer acknowledged – something he literally was not allowed to do while serving Trump.

“I don’t think he found as much humor in it as others,” Spicer said of Trump, who was so irked by McCarthy’s performance the White House stopped letting TV cameras roll daily during Spicer’s pressers.

Kimmel wondered if Trump had been particularly annoyed that a woman was playing Spicer.

“I really did not ask a ton of questions. That may have been a contributing factor,” Spicer deadpanned.

“What a no-win situation that is!” Kimmel sympathized: “They’re making fun of me and [Trump] is made at me for it!”

“And she wins an Emmy,” Spicer reminded. He’s obviously given this a lot of thought.

Kimmel wondered if Spicer ever tried to “accidentally” drop Trump’s phone in the toilet to keep him from tweeting. He had not.

“You should have called me. I could have helped you with this job,” Kimmel mourned.

“You’ve been a lot of help,” Spicer snarked.

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