‘South Park’ Takes On White Nationalists In Season 21 Premiere

Comedy Central

Considering the current social climate, it’s no surprise that South Park would skewer white nationalists in the first episode of Season 21, which premieres at 10/9 PM CST on September 13. In a clip from the episode titled “White People People Renovating Houses,” the long-running Comedy Central animated series continues to be fearless when tackling controversy. The scene features tiki torch-toting white nationalists that have a striking resemblance to those that participated in the Charlottesville march.

The episode follows Randy’s journey as he “comes to grip with what it means to be white in today’s society.” With South Park, that could lead to a lot of things — both inappropriate and not. The clip has the white nationalists and protestors chanting “You will not replace us!” with signs reading “You took our jobs!” It then cuts to a court room scene that features a clever Confederate flag joke. Watch the clip below.

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