Tom Hanks Opens Night 2 Of Creative Arts Emmys Joking None Of Them Would Have Jobs Without The Actors

“If tonight is the celebration of awarding, I guess next week are the ‘Not Nearly As Creative Arts Emmy Awards.’ So this is a select group,” Tom Hanks said by way of kicking off night 2 of the Creative Arts Emmys, and winning over the crowd immediately.

Just to make sure he’d sealed the deal, Hanks called the nominees the “unsung heroes of the small screen, the craftsman who toil in relative obscurity, so the product is truly a work of art.”

“We salute the sounder mixers,” Hanks continued, on a roll, “also the sound editors.”

Hanks confessed he did not know the difference “but we need them all!”

He started to check them off: “makeup, costume, cinematographers, the guys from Local 88, the Teamsters, crafts service people, best boys, dolly grips, the kids at the production office and that underpaid person who has not taken an earpiece out of his ear for the last six weeks who brings me a breakfast burrito whenever I damn well want one.”

“None of these people would have a job if it weren’t for the actor,” Hanks said, pivoting sharply. “Thank you, no, seriously. We get enough!” he simpered as nobody applauded, getting a big laugh.

Actors, he conceded, would not have a job if it weren’t for the casting directors. You know where that’s going: Tom Hanks began to reminisce about reading for Bosom Buddies in 1980 when Ronald Reagan was in office “and everyone wanted to know who shot JR.”

“It’s hard to believe I began my career looking like that,” Hanks said of the Bosom Buddies photo on stage. “So it’s my great honor to begin this evening by saluting casting director everywhere,” and announced the win for Outstanding Casting Director in a Comedy Series.


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