‘It’ Breaks Genre Records With $66.3M Debut, Spider-Man Swings Past $800M WW – Int’l Box Office


UPDATED, MONDAY, 12:19 PM: Stephen King’s It, which grossed $123.1M stateside ended up with a big $4.3M more than estimated yesterday from international markets. Instead of the $62M estimated, the horror film from New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. actually pulled in $66.3M on more screens than previously counted. That puts the debut worldwide box office gross at $189.4M in its debut weekend. So far we have updated film grosses for Fox, Universal and Warner Bros.

PREVIOUSLY Sunday, 9:19 AM with updates throughout day: Stephen King’s It is having an incredible weekend overseas, breaking records across the globe and pulling in a whopping $66.3M (up from $62M) on approximately 10,965 screens in 46 markets. That means It opened to over $180M globally if estimates hold in the states with an expected $123M+ domestic take. Spider-Man: Homecoming which opened in China this past week to $21.6M and has culled $70.8M there to date and just swung past $800M globally for Sony with an $823M take. That $70.8M ranks as the largest opening of a superhero movie in the Middle Kingdom. Also the Imax part of that gross $6M on 442 screens also marks the best ever Imax opener for a Sony film.

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk passed the $300M internationally and is teetering on the $500M mark worldwide for Warner Bros. But first, let’s look at  WBros. and New Line’s It.


The film’s debut is now the biggest opening ever for a horror film, ranked No. 1 in virtually all markets — and that wasn’t that hard to do given that audiences have been hungry for new product — and It marked the biggest September opening ever (not including China) and the biggest for The Warner Bros./New Line Cinema of 2017 for Russia, Australia, Brazil, Spain, Poland, Norway, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Chile.

The film, which has taken North America by storm breaking multiple records and breathing energy into a lifeless box office, started busting through records on the first day out in such countries as the U.K., Brazil, Russia, Australia, across Eastern Europe and in Spain, where its grosses were more than double of The ConjuringThe Conjuring 2 (+68%) and Annabelle.

It has yet to bow in Mexico — a country that loves the horror genre — or in Germany or France. Stephen King’s last IP outing was The Dark Tower where its best plays have been in Germany, France, Russia and the U.K. It opens in Mexico in four days (Sept. 14), followed by France on Sept. 20 and then Germany on Sept. 28 so those are big markets yet to come.

On Imax, It took in $10M globally which makes it the company’s best ever worldwide September play. It also was Imax’s best ever opener in any September in history. Between the phenomenal success of ItSpider-Man: Homecoming‘s debut in China, and Dunkirk‘s performance Imax enjoyed a big $17.1M haul globally on 603 screens. In fact, this almost doubles last year’s Sully‘s opening weekend of $9.5M total.


With over $189M globally and $66.3M logged internationally, Stephen King’s It dished up a scary serving to overseas audiences hungry for new fare. The horror genre generally does well in Latin American markets and it opened in Brazil to $5.7M where the release date was strategized to benefit from their Independence Day holiday. On 846 screens that gross put it atop the record books in the country as the biggest opening weekend ever for a horror film. Spain took in $3M from 452 screens, which was good for roughly a 50% share of the Top 5 films. That opening also was the biggest opening weekend for the studio so far this year. The next Latino market to open will be Argentina on Sept. 21.

The best play around for It in its opening weekend by far was the U.K. which grabbed $13.6M (instead of the $12.3M estimated) from its 1,392 screens to become the biggest weekend ever in the market for a horror film.

In Russia, the crazed clown commanded a 70% share of the Top 5 films. It grossed a big $6.9M for the weekend after opening to a first-day haul of $1.3M. The film not only took a record as the biggest opening day ever for a horror film but also the biggest opening weekend for the studio so far this year as well as the best September opening of all time. It was on 1,639 screens.

In Australia, it crushed the competition with a 70% share of the Top 5 films, with $5.9M from its 548 screens, yet again becoming the biggest opening day ever for a horror film and the best opening for the studio this year. Like Russia, it also chalked up the best September opening ever.

Korea opened on a non-traditional Wednesday where its first day was $554K and rose from No. 2 behind a local title to No. 1 by the weekend to take it with $4.2M for a four-day cume. It was ahead of both Conjuring films and on par with Annabelle‘s opening.

It also debuted in a handful of other Asian markets where collectively it soaked up $10M.

Holland grabbed $1.5M on 131 screens — it opened on a Thursday — and held onto a 56% share of the Top 5 films and also became the biggest opening day ever for a horror film. Poland also debuted to $1.15M on 272 screens to become the biggest opening weekend ever for the genre there and the best of 2017 so far for Warner Bros.

Record-breaking Thursday openings also were noted in Denmark ($222K) and several markets in Eastern Europe (Lebanon, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, and Slovakia), where it also now holds the record as the biggest opening day ever for a horror film.

The next key market to open is Sweden in three days. Italy will open Oct. 19.

Much more to come … keep refreshing



Spidey swung past $800M this weekend to $823M globally, thanks to China where it webbed a strong $70.8M. It now ranks as the third biggest superhero opening of all time in the market behind Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War. The film, which pushed last week opener’s Dunkirk in the market aside, grossed $71.8M internationally from 21,300+ screens in 47 markets for a cume of $495.3M. Domestic now sits at $327M where it has been in the Top 10 for 10 weeks in a lackluster North American market (until this weekend).

Spidey will cross $500M internationally likely tomorrow and now becomes the third-highest box office total in the franchise for Sony.

In China, Spider-Man: Homecoming had the benefit of 442 Imax screens and took in $6M there, which earned the distinction of becoming the best-ever Imax opening weekend in September and as well as the best opening weekend for any Sony title in Imax format. Imax dropped Homecoming trailers ahead of An Army, Once Upon A Time, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Cars, and Dunkirk.

China was the biggest international market for the last two installments of the Spider-Man franchise. My colleague Nancy Tartaglione did a very good comparison of all the films in the story here.

Sony went all-out in China to make sure Homecoming opened well. Prior to its release on Sept. 8, it partnered with Momo on social, iQiyi on video, QQ for text IMs, with Baidu (when users searched for Spider-Man, Homecoming would take over the entire screen) and a number of promo partners including Audi, Doritos, Dell, Mizone, CapitaLand, M&M, Xiaomi, and HTV Vive as well as its corporate parent Sony just to push the word out on different platforms

In addition, it spent on outdoor and digital platforms while stars Tom Holland and director Jon Watts did a publicity tour two days prior to the film’s opening. All that contributed to a big $70.8M take in the Middle Kingdom.

The question is will he hold as Spidey will be facing War for the Planet of the Apes next weekend in the country.

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. is not only having a great run stateside, but is also doing exceptionally well in international markets with Dunkirk and their other horror film Annabelle: Creation. Christopher Nolan’s sweeping WWII epic just crossed $300M internationally and will cross $500M this week globally. Dunkirk took in $14M from its 52 markets where it is playing on 8,540 screens. The overseas tally is now $310M and globally it sits at $493M.

Dunkirk may have been knocked from its No. 2 perch in the Middle Kingdom by Spider-Man: Homecoming, but it still managed to grab another $6M away from the superhero’s hands. In China, playing on 9,500 screens, its total tally now is $46.4M.

The big opening for the war drama was in Japan where it debuted to an excellent $3M on 444 screens to rank No. 1. That result is on par with its comps American Sniper and is a big 72% over the result of Nolan’s Interstellar.

In another holdover market, Italy, Dunkirk grossed $2.3M on 668 screens, just narrowly coming in at No. 2. It still had the best per screen average of the Top 5 films. The cume to date there is no $7.3M.

New Line

Yes, there is another horror film in international markets other than It. And it also belongs to Warner Bros. Annabelle: Creation picked up another $8.8M from its 61 markets to raise its international cume to $184.5M … for a little perspective on how big It is, that’s around the same gross It made globally in its first weekend out.

Annabelle: Creation is playing on 5,509 screens and has a global cume right now of $280.8M. Another hit for the studio which has been on a roll as late with Wonder Woman as well.

In its second weekend in play in Argentina — and remember Latin American countries love the horror genre — the movie scared in another $1.8M from 343 screens to only drop 37%. Once again, it kept a tight hold of the No. 1 spot at the box office there and has a cume to date of $5M. Its top market is one that It will release into in just four days: Mexico where it has culled $18.1M.

A couple of things to note on this movie: the horror film is also still doing well in Brazil, a market into which It just debuted. In Brazil, it’s down only 37% from last weekend and has a running cume of $12.1M. But Korea is Annabelle: Creation‘s second best market outside of Mexico; it has grossed $13.8M to date in Korea. And in Malaysia, the film is now at a total gross of $5.4M, which has surpassed all films in the Conjuring universe.

Universal Pictures

With an estimated total of $33.8M internationally, America Made pulled in another $8.5M this weekend for Universal after adding markets over the past three weekends. The Doug Liman-directed, Tom Cruise starring film is now in 43 territories, having added in 8 more this weekend. There are still 22 territories to open over the next three months.

This weekend’s big opening market was Germany, where it ranked No. 2 with $1.4M (German-Switzerland opened with $339K) and Austria opened to No. 1 with $210K at 468 dates. It also debuted in Hong Kong in the No. 2 spot with $481K. And in holdovers, Spain is No. 3 and chased in another $998K in its second weekend on 334 dates for a total to date there of $3.4M. UK and Ireland are also holding strong where it remains No. 2 in its third weekend of play. Adding another $881K, the total cume for the film there is now $5.6M (it’s No. 2 in its third weekend of play). The Netherlands is also in its second weekend and has a running cume of $1.1M after bringing in another $389K.

Next weekend’s major territory drops are France, Korea, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, the Philippines, French-Switzerland, Belgium, Chile, Panama, and Peru.

ComScore is reporting that this actioner from Millennium Films and Lionsgate (which is in a number of distributor’s hands overseas), took in $7.8M in 26 markets this weekend. The Hitman’s Bodyguard‘s total cume is being registered right now at $60.2M. And its global cume is $125.1M at the moment after pulling in $64.9M stateside after 24 days in release. We should have a more detailed breakdown tomorrow or Tuesday as these various countries start sending in their grosses.

Despicable Me 3
Universal Pictures

Although school holidays are over, Despicable Me 3 continues to pull in audiences internationally on the weekends. strong business on the weekends. Illumination Entertainment’s animated phenom from Universal Pictures swept past the $1B worldwide box office mark last Thursday and continues its amazing run with another strong weekend take of $7.3M in 50 territories for a running cume of $748.3MDM3 ranks as the third-highest-grossing animated film of all time internationally behind only Frozen $876M and another in the franchise from Illumination, Minions $831M. Combined with the U.S. and Canada estimated total of $260M, the worldwide total is now $1.008B. DM3 is the top grossing animated film worldwide this year as well. It’s still playing on 4,286 screens.

The film enjoyed a No. 1 opening in Greece last weekend and it has continued to hold the top spot this weekend where it has taken in an estimated $384. The total there is now $1.3M. Turkey, where DM3 is No. 1 for the third week in a row, brought in another $328K for a total of $2.6M in the market. Italy is also holding strong at No. 2 in its third weekend of release and nabbed yet another $3M for a total of $17.8M there. And In Japan, the animated family film is still No. 2 in its 8th weekend grabbing hold of another $1.1M for a big total of $61.9M.

Other running cumess include China at $152.3M; U.K. and Ireland $60.6M; Germany $42.1M; France $40.2M; Brazil $38.9M; Mexico $34.8M; Russia $26M; Australia $25.2M; Argentina $23.7M; Spain $23.1M; Korea $21.7M; Netherlands $11.7M; Poland $9.7M; Chile $7.4M and Colombia $7.1M.

The Emoji Movie from Sony continued to play in 55 markets this weekend and rang up another $5.7M from its 4,800+screens. That brings the international cume to $88.4M. Brazil was up 9% in its sophomore frame to pull in yet another $2.3M from 799 screens; the running cume is $4.9M. The UK, where it is in its sixth weekend of play, has a market cume of $17.2M.

Next key market releases will be Australia Sept. 14, Italy on Sept. 28 and France on Oct. 18.

Cars 3

Cars 3 is still revving for the Walt Disney Co. Although it opened in no new markets, it still managed to bring in $3.9M in its 22 markets. The picture is playing to 88% of its international footprint. It continued to hold well in the U.K. (where it has $14.7M in its tank), Denmark, Norway, and Finland. So far, the third in the successful animated franchise has torn up the track to the tune of $198.1M internationally and $350M worldwide.

China is the largest market outside of the U.S. with $20.4M for this Pixar film. That is followed by France with $18.4M, Japan with $16M and Mexico with $15.6M.

It opens in Italy next weekend, followed by Germany on Sept. 28.

Sony TriStar

Running down another $2.9M this weekend from 11,800-plus screens in its 49 markets, Baby Driver opened in Italy this weekend. The film (produced by TriStar Pictures and MRC) chased in $1.1M (which included previews) in the country after playing on 352 screens. The overseas cume for this Ansel Elgort-starrer is now $107.1M.

There are three final markets in which to open — South Korea, Thailand, and Hong Kong — and all are set to release next weekend.

The Dark Tower, another Stephen King adaptation (this one from Sony) added $2.8M from 3,600-plus screens in 54 markets, bringing the cume up to $58.4M. The film is also produced by MRC, but this one with Columbia Pictures.

Universal Pictures

The Charlize Theron kick-ass actioner from Universal and Sierra/Affinity grossed another $2.5M in 30 markets to raise its international cume to $43M. Combined with the domestic take of $51M, its global running cume now sits at $94M. It opened this weekend in Argentina to No. 5 for just $186K. It also opened in Paraguay and Uraguay. In holdover markets, Atomic Blonde held its No. 2 footing in Mexico during its sophomore frame with $686K for a total cume so far of $2.4M. It now has opened in all territories so is nearing the end of its run.

Right now we are relying on ComScore grosses on this one. It appears that in 26 countries, Luc Besson’s big-budget sci-fi film took in another $4.3M for a running cume internationally of $170.5M. This EuropaCorp. film has grossed $210.8M worldwide.

This Hindi-language comedy is being handled internationally by Sony. The film debuted at the top spot in India‘s box office this weekend with $1.4M from its 1,000 screens. The film’s logline is pretty funny: “Three men face ridicule from their families and fellow villagers after they appear on a poster that promotes vasectomies.” The comedy opened in a total of eight international markets this weekend to gross a total of $1.7M from its total of 1,100-plus screens.

This local animated film is being handled by Fox overseas. Lino opened in one market in Brazil but grabbed the No. 1 spot in the country. On 445 screens, it ended up with $627K all in. The family film, directed by Rafael Ribas, is about an entertainer named Lino who puts on a costume as a cat to work children’s parties but who is constantly berated by those he is trying to entertain. He decides to visit a wizard for help but that only ends up changing him into a big cat.

War of the Planet of the Apes (FOX), $1.56M weekend, international $224.5M cume; global cume: $367.9M
Logan Lucky (multiple), $1.7M w/e; int’l cume: $8.85M; global cume: $34.2M
Girls Trip (UNI), $1.6M w/e, int’l cume: $16.7M; global cume: $130.2M
The Beguiled (UNI), $1.3M w/e; int’l cume: $12M; global cume: $22.7M
Wonder Woman (WB), $721K w/e (Japan), int’l cume: $405.9M; global cume: $816.4M

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