‘Suits’ Finale: Creator Aaron Korsh On Big Cliffhanger & Its Aftermath, A Wedding, Blast From the Past & Season 8 Renewal

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SPOILER ALERT: The story includes details about the Season 6 midseason finale of USA Network’s Suits.

Suits could be renamed as Darvey: the Harvey & Donna Show. For a second finale in a row, following the Season 6 closer last spring, the last scene involved Harvey and Donna, with Donna making a move that stuns her boss and uttering the episode’s final line that leaves him baffled. Last season, it was the cryptic “I want more.” This time, there was nothing subtle about her kissing him without warning, before saying “I just had to know.”

While Harvey may have been shocked, we weren’t as the entire episode — as well as the previous few — were building to that. Both Rachel and Mike urged Donna to reveal her feelings to Harvey, and, in sharing his regrets over letting Sheila marry another man without telling her she was the love of his life, Louis gave Donna the final push to make her own move, which she did just minutes later.

Also in the last minutes of the finale, Jessica gets disbarred in New York as collateral damage in new District Attorney Andy Malik’s fight with Harvey, and she implores Harvey to finally take her name off the wall.

In an interview with Deadline, Suits creator Aaron Korsh discussed that kiss and the implications for everybody involved. He talked about the six remaining episodes from Season 7, which will culminate with a finale that will also serve as a backdoor pilot for a Chicago politics spinoff series focused on Gina Torres’ character Jessica Pearson. He teased the introduction in the flesh of a character Suits fans know by name, a wedding, a possible crashed wedding, and a young Louis Litt. Korsh also addresses the future of Suits, which is yet to be renewed for an eighth season, and of its cast whose contracts are up at the end of Season 7.

DEADLINE: Let’s start with the final scene between Harvey and Donna, the kiss and its aftermath. How will it affect everyone?

KORSH: The way I’ll explain the aftermath is to think about the circumstances in which Donna kissed Harvey. Obviously, she had just been through an incredibly emotional time. Going through everything she went through with the trial and Malik embarrassing her and making her feel the way he did on the stand. And then Louis comes in and says “I’m not sure if I can tell the love of my life that can’t she see, the person is right in front of her face”. Mike told her to go and do something. That culminated in making Donna saying “I’m done putting Harvey above myself, I’m going to put myself above Harvey and I’m going to do this for me. I’m going to kiss him to find out how I feel, what I want.” So she did that, I understand why.

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From Harvey’s perspective though, regardless of what that kiss may have done to him, he’s in a committed relationship, and we know his feelings on fidelity. So, it was a bold move for her to do that, and if I was thinking about it, it was a little selfish of her. It might be justified, but I think it was obviously putting herself above him nonetheless. So, I think the aftermath will have to do with that tension about her finally choosing to put her own needs above his and what that does to his relationship and the sense of himself as a faithful person. That’s going to play out over the back six.

DEADLINE: Did Donna kiss Harvey just for herself or she also wanted to see his reaction and find out if  her feelings are returned?

KORSH:  For me, it would be for herself, she wanted to know how that made her feel, what it would make her want, what it would do for her. I don’t think it was incredibly thought through, He walks in, and it just happened. I don’t think she was conscious necessarily of why she was doing it or what the real reasons were.

DEADLINE: Should Paula be worried? 

KORSH: Probably, but I think that’s something we’ll find out in the back six.

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DEADLINE: Let’s talk about Harvey and Mike’s legal case in the last couple of episodes that involved a new villain, the AD Andy Malik. Why on earth did they have to pick a fight with him?

KORSH: It’s kind of interesting. You could definitely watch and say, what are these guys doing? Why are you picking a fight with this guy? I feel like in real life, there’s a lot of people who go and pick fights with somebody just because they’re excited to pick a fight with somebody. It’s kind of astonishing, that’s what high powered, high-achieving alpha people do. Though at the time Mike picked a fight he didn’t know that the guy had a history with Harvey, nor did Harvey.

DEADLINE: Are we done with Malik or will he be returning in the back six?

KORSH: We’re done with Malik for this battle but I think he’s a formidable adversary and can come back in the future.

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DEADLINE: Will Malik’s move to disbar Jessica in New York have repercussions for her in Chicago, ultimately leading to her leaving law to enter Chicago politics in the Season 7 finale that doubles as spinoff backdoor pilot?

KORSH: Well, at the time we came up with it, it didn’t have anything necessarily to do with it. This is something we thought would be interesting for Harvey’s growth as a character. This season is somewhat about him really coming to grips with the fact that Jessica is gone, and as a capper to the 10, Jessica is not only gone in body, she is now presumably gone in name. That was the impetus to this thing. But in her mind, she thinks it’s not going to follow her to Chicago.  She may or may not be right about that and it may play into the spinoff to some degree.

DEADLINE: You said Jessica is “presumably” gone by name. Does it mean that the dropping of her name is not set in stone?

KORSH: I’m just being cagey. It’s highly likely that Jessica’s name is coming down, and whether there’s a replacement or not, we have not landed on a decision about that yet.

DEADLINE: What about Alex, played by Dule Hill. We saw him proclaim his loyalty to Pearson Spector Litt in the finale. Will he stick around, is there a plan for him to transition to the spinoff?

KORSH: For the time being, he’s back on the Suit squad in the back six and sticking with the team. We’re very happy to have him. I’m happy to have him, and Harvey, Louis and Mike to have him too.

DEADLINE: What about Louis? After practically pushing Donna to act on her feelings for Harvey, will he do the same with his feelings for Sheila?

KORSH: Well, let me say, he doesn’t know that he pushed Donna to do it, right?. He was just talking about himself. He certainly wasn’t trying to do that, nor was he aware of what happens. Louis and Sheila, their saga is far from over. We have some fun stuff coming for them  in the back 6. As we know, when it happened in Episode 8, it wasn’t finished in 9, he’s still thinking about it in 10, and we’re going to pick up where we left off in 11. He still has that dilemma on his mind and Sheila on his mind.

DEADLINE: What will he do, will he crash Sheila’s wedding like in a movie?

KORSH: We certainly talked about that, like in the Graduate? We probably talked more about it jokingly than in actuality. Honestly, we don’t 100% know where we’ll land with them. But I do know we’re currently in the middle of writing a story between the two of them for episode 12 that involves a flashback to young Louis and we get little bit more insight into why he is who he is and how it he became who he was.

DEADLINE: What about Mike and Rachel. Will they ever walk down the isle?

KORSH: I’m going to go ahead and say ‘Yes’, how’s that?

DEADLINE: In the back six?

KORSH: Probably, probably.

DEADLINE: What else can you tell us about the six remaining episodes of Season 7. Any familiar faces coming back?

KORSH: Yes, absolutely. Sheila is going to come back. I think when we get to the spinoff portion of the series, we’re going to see Jeff Malone again. There’s a lot of people working at the firm who work there, sometimes we see them, sometimes we don’t see them, be it Brian, Gretchen, Katrina, Robert Zane is always in the mix, Lipschitz has been a good character we added this year who won’t be going away. Mike is probably not done with the clinic, and there will be reemergence of characters. We’re going to meet a new character that our people within our show know but fans haven’t met before, and that character is going to play a role in the back six.

DEADLINE: So it’s a character that’s been talked about on the show but has not been seen?

KORSH: Yes, yes. I may as well say it, it’s an old name partner, one of Gordon, Schmidt and VanDyke, I just won’t tell you which one it is.

DEADLINE: As you are writing the last episodes of Season 7, are you planning the finale as a season finale or there are contingencies if Suits doesn’t come back? How do you feel about a Season 8 renewal?

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KORSH: I’m always operating under the assumption that we’ll be back next year. It’s never been wrong yet, obviously one day it will be wrong and when that time comes, I’ll know well in advance. We always try to end on something that’s an end of a chapter, not the end of a series. I’m highly confident that we’ll be back for season 8, so I’m planning it as end of chapter.

DEADLINE: What about the cast? Their contracts are up at the end of Season 7. Will they all come back? 

KORSH:  There’s a lot of different ones of them. They all have things going on in their lives, we’ll see what happens. This is true on all long-running shows, and people have things happening in their lives. When Gina left, I could not have predicted that the way her life was going. She loved being on the show, and we loved having her on the show, that’s why we’re doing the spinoff. I would never have guessed that she would want to leave early but she did, and it ended up working out. Even though she left early, look at how often we still see Jessica throughout season six and seven. I’m going to let what happens happens and hope it all works out.

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