Bill Maher Reveals: Why Ken Bone, Undecided Red Sweater Guy?

HBO via YouTube

All week Ken Bone’s 200,000-plus twitter followers were wondering, why him? Why was last year’s meme booked for this week’s Real Time With Bill Maher. Even Bone was undecided, again.

“I’ll answer your first question now,” Bone tweeted last Tuesday. “No, I don’t know why they want me on the show.” And as the one-on-one interviewee, no less.

If you need a refresher course in 2016 political distractions, Bone, an employee of a political software company, was among last October’s debate audience of undecided voters, whose question to the candidates has been long forgotten even as his cherry-red sweater endures in memory and countless Internet memes.

Maher wasted no time getting to the point last night. “You became sort of emblematic as an independent voter…to me you’re a gettable voter and I want to convince you that you should have voted for Hillary and not Godzilla.”

Bone assured Maher he did not vote for Godzilla, meaning, it seemed, the impulsive, destructive dinosaur who’d never held political office. He didn’t mean Trump. Or maybe he did. It was left undecided.

In other words, Bone steadfastly refused to play along with Maher’s game of “Sorry,” declining to name who he voted for, whether he had any regrets about it or provide much of any insight into the thinking of so many people who couldn’t seem to choose between such wildly different candidates.

“Like it or not, we’re obsessed with celebrities in this country,” Bone said, “and even an F-list celebrity like me, people put stock in my opinion and it’s not fair to the democratic process if I tell them what to believe. I’m a random dude that works at a power plant, people don’t need to be informed by me.”

Even pressed – Maher, at one point, reminded him the show paid for his ticket to L.A. – Bone would reveal only that he voted for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or Gary Johnson.

“People are already asking me who I’ll vote for in 2020,” Bone said, “and I won’t answer them. It turns our political process into TMZ and it creates people like me and nothing but sound bites and sniping back and forth.”

Bone then baffled Maher even further by saying he gets his news from both Fox and MSNBC in order to get understand what each side is trying to ignore. And, yes, he thinks Russia meddled in our election, but he’ll give the investigations a chance to play out before deciding if Trump was involved.

And he once voted for Obama. And once for McCain.

As for taxation, Bone, who described himself as an unregistered Libertarian, explained, “when the government comes to take our money, and they’re going to, let’s spend it a little more responsibly. Let’s not worry about giving tax breaks to the very richest people who aren’t missing that money in the first place, because we’ve proven that money doesn’t trickle down to me and the upper middle class, it doesn’t trickle down to my mom who is unemployed. So maybe we keep their money and use it for something good.”

“You’re a confusing man, Ken,” said Maher, his plans for the interview clearly undone by Bone’s even-handedness. Then Maher asked, one last time, why the choice last November seemed so difficult when one man was “preposterously unfit” and one woman “would have put us in a better place.”

Replied Bone, “There was news coming out every day. By the time I cast my vote, I was very confident in it. I was no longer even a shade of undecided. And that’s about as much as I can tell you.”

Bone did make one concession for Real Time, though. He wore his trademark red sweater, at Maher’s request.

Watch the rather charming, and in an odd way enlightening, video above.

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