Trevor Noah: Donald Trump Struck Deal With Dems Because Talking Made Him Tired

Comedy Central

One night after covering on his show the deal surprising deal Donald Trump made with Dems at a White House meeting to provide funding for hurricane relief, raise the debt limit and fund the government for three months, Trevor Noah explained they now knew how it went down. Previous night, Noah said, he’d thought it was carefully choreographed ballet. Today, The Daily Show learned it was more like a molly seizure at Burning Man.

Turns out Trump tired of the back and forth as Democrats declined to agree to a six-month, instead of three-month deal onĀ  funding. So he struck a deal with the Dems, cutting off his Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin mid-sentence as he waxed eloquent against such a short-term debt increase.

The room went silent, what with everyone being stunned that the President of the United States had abandoned his own party’s legislative strategy because the words were making him tired.

And then, in strolls Ivanka Trump, further annoying GOP leaders, like that child who enraged her professorial papa, but stole social media’s heart, when she skipped into his office as he was being interviewed by BBC.

“If you’re a Republican leader, it’s safe to say yesterday is a day you cannot wait to forget,” Noah guessed.

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