Sean Spicer Selects Jimmy Kimmel For His Late-Night Debut

Sean Spicer
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Stephen Colbert may have snagged The Mooch – but Jimmy Kimmel has landed Sean Spicer for his late-night debut on Wednesday, September 13. It’s a big “get” for Kimmel, marking Spicer’s first interview since leaving his post at the White House.

Maybe Spicer felt he owed ABC after proving wrong reports he was going to compete on the next season of Dancing With The Stars, dashing dreams of many Reporters Who Cover Washington.

Of course there was no way Spicer was going to appear on an NBC late-night show, what with the drubbing he took on the network’s Saturday Night Live. And he’d hardly want to invite comparisons by making his debut on Colbert’s show, so soon after Late Show clocked record ratings booking Anthony Scaramucci, the shortest-tenured White House Communications Director (10 days) who also is the guy who ran Spicer out of the White House by making it impossible for him to stick around.

Camp Kimmel is no doubt hoping President Donald Trump knew what he was talking about when, with Spicer’s exit, he forecast great things ahead for his exiting press secretary, saying “Just look at his great television ratings.” The Mooch, meanwhile, predicted Spicer would go out and make a lot of money.

But Spicey is having some trouble landing a regular TV gig. CNN previously said it was not interested in hiring Spicer as a contributor. And now it seems  President Trump’s fave network Fox News Channel also will not be offering former White House press secretary and communications director Sean Spicer a contract. Axios got the news first.

After six months and one day of Trump abuse, Spicer in July threw in the towel when POTUS named pal/Wall Street financier Scaramucci to be his new White House Communications Director. Spicer, who had been filling in on the job, told CNN he quit to give Scaramucci a “clean slate.”

Kimmel tweeted his invite today:

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