Washington Wobbling With Word Donald Trump Tweeted DACA Assurance At Nancy Pelosi Request


Washington is teetering this morning with word President Donald Trump’s morning tweet reassuring immigrants who had been participating in the seemingly doomed DACA program had been issued at the request of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi boasted at a morning meeting she spoke to POTUS by phone and asked him to use his Twitter might to make clear DREAMers will not be deported during the six months before DACA is dead. Trump stipulated the six-month period in order to give Congress time to come up with a fix.

Most wags are saying Pelosi called Trump, but NYT notably insists Trump phoned Pelosi.

At any rate, Pelosi boasted at a morning presser she made the request of POTUS and then “boom, the tweet appeared.”

And, adding insult to injury, Pelosi preened that Trump supports the DREAM Act to protect DACA participants and will sign legislation put on his desk.

“The president said he supports that, he would sign it,” Pelosi gushed.  “We have to get it passed. That’s a priority.”

Today’s stunning news has some GOPers chewing their neckties in an ecstasy of grief, coming as it does  just one day after Trump struck a deal with Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on raising the national debt ceiling and funding Hurricane Harvey relief.

Sadly, Charlie Rose already had taped his interview with Trump’s Street Fighter in Chief Steve Bannon for Sunday’s 60 Minutes, so we will not hear his thoughts on all these developments in that broadcast.

Here is Trump’s morning tweet that has Washington talking:


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