Dr. Phil Plugs His Season Debut Interview With Sinead O’Connor While Visiting Jimmy Kimmel

Courtesy of UTA

Not quite a year after taking lots of heat for the disturbing display of a clearly ill Shelley Duvall for a Dr. Phil November sweep broadcast, Phil McGraw stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to plug his show’s season debut, which will feature a “really interesting interview with Sinead O’Connor.”

Nearly a month earlier, O’Connor had posted a Facebook video from a motel room in New Jersey, in which she said she was suicidal; it went viral.

“This season we’re launching with a really interesting interview with Sinead O’Connor,” McGraw told Kimmel, when asked.

“How in the world did you get hooked up with Sinead O’Connor?” Kimmel wondered, so Dr. Phil could say, “Well, she actually called me.”

“She did? It got that bad?” Kimmel joked.

“I don’t know why people don’t call me first,” McGraw pretended not to know.

“You’ve seen her video she’s posted on Facebook and all, from motel rooms in NJ,” he reminded viewers. “She really has had a difficult time, and she said, ‘Look, I’m in trouble. I need help.’

“And she called,” McGraw re-iterated. “She said, ‘I want to destigmatize mental illness; I clearly have a problem…Too many musicians are dying. I want to use my life, be a teaching tool. I’m willing to sit down and talk’.”

Kimmel asked if Dr. Phil was surprised.

“I was pleased because I’m a great fan of hers,” McGraw said, promising she sings during the season debut and “has not lost her voice.”

“So, in the middle of talking about her mental illness she stands up and sings ‘Nothing Compares to You’?” Kimmel asked, dubiously.

On Monday, O’Connor posted a video to Facebook claiming a center to which Dr. Phil had referred her was not monitoring suicidal patients, reported NJ.com, which aggregates reporting from many of that state’s local publications. The singer did not name the facility. Two days later, however, on the day Dr. Phil appeared on Kimmel’s late-night show, O’Connor posted a video in which she thanked McGraw and raved about the facility, writing “This place is amazing.”

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